Running into Sunday Dinner

My daughter, Shauna, just finished the Times-Colonist 10K run with a time of 00:56:54 and pace of 05:42 min/km. I am so proud of her! Me? I drove her to it! Seriously, I got up early and dropped her off downtown.

I was never a runner. The 1 mile run every year for PE and Canada Fitness tests, used to make me throw up! For sports I either played defence or goalie, much less running involved. Of course I was a “big” girl, even back in the day. And now, if my leg wasn’t so messed up, I’d be more recumbent elliptical than treadmill.

So what do you feed a post race runner? Shauna is coming for dinner.

  1. Replenish fluid! 500 ml for every pound of body weight lost.
    – I’ve got lots of water and I’m sure a beer won’t hurt! Yeah for Phillips Brewery!
  2. Replenish glycogen (carbohydrates) – .5 grams of carbs for very pound of body weight and then again two hours later.
    – I’ve got good carbs and bad carbs – how about oven baked sweet potato fries, pulled pork  on multi grain buns and a veggie laden salad? Oh, yeah, strawberries, lots of goodies in those bad boys!
  3. Replenish electrolytes! Potassium mostly.
    – banana – orange smoothie!

I’ve the ability and time to do this. Shauna, and the other 12, 489 people who ran this race, inspire me. It’s a commitment they made and met! Well done!  Thanks for listening. ;D

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on April 29, 2012.

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