Weekend Wishes – Fishes!

Well, I made it through another week. I can only imagine what it is like for those of you who are working for a living. For me, Saturday and Sunday won’t look much different from Tuesday or Thursday except for the lack of Peoples Court and Judge Judy. We need a show on the Food Channel that is called, Food Court! It could have a cool bailiff like Officer Byrd and a neat judge like Judge Milian. Hmmm, I’ll talk about that tomorrow.

Fridays are “Take Out Day” in the Kirby house. We usually have the big discussion at 7:15 in the morning about what we want for supper. Chinese, Nando’s chicken, burgers, KFC, Subway, Pig (really, really good BBQ), or fish ‘n’ chips. Norm’s not so fond of Indian, Thai, Greek or Mexican – sigh. You may have noticed that pizza is not on either list but we had that last weekend! He likes the thin, multigrain crust, Hawaiian with added feta. So we settled on fish ‘n’ chips. It’s halibut season so it’ll be halibut and chips. Then we had to find a restaurant he can stop at on the way home. We had a great one near us but it burned down and we are waiting for it to open again. At the time I took it as a sign from God, but I see it’s almost ready to re-open. (Hurry, hurry!)

This is traditionally very bad diet food. the good news about having only a sliver of stomach is that deep-fried stuff fills me really quickly. So half a piece of fish and 4 or 5 chips does it. And according to the news, fish and chips aren’t as bad for you as they used to be. The oil used to deep fry in used to be lard. Yes, LARD! Actually, if you’ve ever had chips cooked lard you know why I miss them. They tasted so amazing! But the oil they use now is veggie and low cholesterol and the fish is inspected and actually has to be halibut if they say it is. Back in the days of my childhood, fish and chips were any kind of white fish in batter and chips. Now, I know that even salmon makes killer fish and chips. And… Now-a-days you even have a choice whether your fish is grilled, pan-fried or deep-fried. I’ll take all of the above.

Spinnaker Vinegar
(Poetic, isn't it?)

And then there’s the malt vinegar. I love malt vinegar. Lemon on the fish but it has to be malt vinegar on the chips and we have some killer malt vinegar in Victoria. Micro breweries can make this so easily, so they do! Mind you, they charge an arm and a leg for it, too. Of course, the best thing about vinegar is the lack of calories. This means the chips (not fries, fries are at Micky D’s) have to be Saanich Peninsula russets, hand cut (with or without skin but with skin is better), oil blanched then deep-fried to perfection and wrapped in newsprint. My God, my mouth is watering already.

With all this descriptive prose weighing (ha ha ) heavily (ha ha ha) on my mind, I’ll pull my chair into the middle of the kitchen floor and do my exercises. I’ll start with the stretches (I actually like chair yoga), move on to the aerobic moves and finish with the resistance band strength exercises. On paper this looks pretty righteous and now that I’ve written it down I have to do it. You all keep me honest. OK, ok, I’ll even write the Friday food in my journal.

So, thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on April 27, 2012.

4 Responses to “Weekend Wishes – Fishes!”

  1. I eat fish’n’chips just for the Halibut! ha ha!

  2. OK, ok. And as they say at the monastery, “Are you the Chip Monk or the Fish Friar?

  3. In the Scotland there is the deep fried Mars Bar. I haven’t tried one, really not sure what I think! Love fish and chips though.

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