The No White Food Diet

A long time ago, when I weighed almost 300 pounds, my chiropractor was promoting the idea of the “No White Food Diet”. I was trying to lose weight so I could get two new hips. (I did and did!) I was already looking at the whole “You’ve got high blood sugar so you need to watch your diet” lecture from my doctor. I tried it. It was pretty flexible. No white “processed” foods. No white flour, white rice, potatoes, sugar, pasta etc. As you can tell, and the “Cave Man, Paleo Diet” enthusiasts will tell you, this is a low carb – high protein diet. It does have lots of fruit and vegetables so it was/is way better than the traditional Atkins diet.

It was glorious – high protein, fat and all the fruit and veggies I could ever want except for potatoes. I could have eggs and bacon for breakfast; cheese and apples (apples are red on the outside) for snack; tuna salad on rye crisps for lunch; pepperoni for afternoon snack and steak with carrots and bean salad for supper. I could have grain based things if they had a net carb level of 15 or less. 15 bad carbohydrates a day was all I allowed myself. Net carbs means the carb rating minus the fibre. I always looked for fibre! I did allow myself  a few glorious n0/low carb whites like: sour cream, mayonnaise, cream cheese, yoghurt, cottage cheese (any fat content level) and milk.

After the first week I didn’t even crave bread or sugar stuff. I lost weight and felt full most of the time. Of course the fat levels were horrifying and I got my first bad cholesterol test results. Sigh!!!! I really liked the foods I was eating for this diet. I could just bake one potato for Norm and I wouldn’t have one. But I got lots of meat and veggies. Stir fries and stews were wonderful.

I had lost 70 pounds and got my new hips. I thought I had reached my goal and things started the long slide back up. Pizza (even with thin multi grain crust); fried bread (I work in a First Nations school – fried bread is unbelievably wonderful and plentiful – I couldn’t insult the cooks!); and mashed potatoes (holidays, turkeys and really, really good gravy) paved the road to my new destruction.

So, here I am again. I’m now following the diabetic guidelines for eating. These are based on the Canada Food Guide. It’s not really that difficult to follow but I’m still having a really hard time sticking to the plan. Every day, every hour, I seem to battling the Crave Monster within myself. I don’t think the Jedi light sabre in my head is helping very much. I need some Jedi mind tricks! And of course, way more exercise. So..I’m off to do my morning routine of arm waving and stretch-band, chair aerobics to jump start my metabolism from the glorious weekend lasagna and pear cider.

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

PS The last time I saw the chiropractor he was promoting the Raw Food Diet. I just couldn’t do it!

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on April 23, 2012.

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