Problems: Mine vs. The World

My horoscope today said I would be upset with something I heard but I cannot solve the problems of the world, just my own. It got me to thinking about what the world would be like if we each solved our own problems. Would the problems of the world cease to exist or would each person’s solutions cause more problems? Could I get the world to solve my weight problems? Hmmm?

What is the cost for ignoring problems?

I’ve been asked what destroyed my hips originally. I don’t know. I think my whole family has connective tissue issues (sheer poetry, right?). It would also explain the hernias we have all had, too. Being obese has been a factor, too. In my twenties I didn’t realize things I was doing (or not doing) would come back to bite me in the ass (literally).

Diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, obesity, high cholesterol, bad hips, cataracts, bad skin, arthritis, cavities, bad spelling, big feet, and into infinity…..

Not all these are my problems but most have touched me or knocked me to the ground (literally). Could I solve them? Maybe yes – maybe no. How does this relate to the world? I don’t know for sure but I’m thinking that if I write this someone else might think, too!  What if everyone in the world thought of one thing they can do that will help the world or someone else? I do not buy gas on Tuesdays. It was a movement a few years ago that if everyone did not buy gas on Tuesdays, oil companies (especially the big ones)  would get the message that us consumers do have a choice of where and how to buy and then they (the oil companies) would stop holding us up for ransom. I understand they are trying to max out their profits before the solar cell paint is released and our cars all run cleanly just on sun power. See – you’re thinking about it, right? The price of electricity and fuel are rising because they are on their last legs. Soon each house will be self-supportive for energy and water. Think – it can be done. And..if we can think it here maybe we can do it all over the world.

I miss my siblings. They all live on Ontario and I live here in Victoria. I love them and always will. Is sibling rivalry related to the conflicts around the world? Maybe.

The rumour is that the Mayan calendar has predicted the world will end in December. Actually, the Mayan calendar will end in December and start all over again. 7,885 solar years is long time and may be one hell of a New Year’s Eve but…what if the world is only ending AS WE KNOW IT? My world is changing. I’m losing weight and a couple of ounces off the surface of the earth may lighted the co2 load for all of us. It will definitely lighten the load on my hips.

Imagine a world with not violence or hunger. That WOULD be a world we have never known. Sigh.

Thanks for listening. Oh, yeah, I’m a Libra – explains the whole balance thing, eh! ;D Diane Kirby

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~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on April 11, 2012.

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