Balancing My Medicine Wheel – Big Wheel Keep On Turn’n

I am a big wheel on the roller coaster of life. Not the ride-on toy that shook up the neighbourhood with when Shauna was little, but an important cog * in the machine of the universe. (* A cog is another word for a wheel within a machine – get it?) It’s hard to keep the big wheel turning all the time.

Norm’s Dad gave Shauna an A-Team Big Wheel for Christmas one year. It was sooo noisy. It had a special clicker built into one of the back wheels and a special brake on one side that you could apply while pedalling full speed, thus making the Big Wheel spinout! Cool. When she was four; she, Peter and Tyler would race their Big Wheels up and down the cul-de-sac making so much hard plastic vs road noise. We cut off the clicker but eventually one of the wheels got flat from the braking and spinouts. It became hard work to pedal a Big Wheel with a flat wheel. Roll, roll, thunk! Roll, roll, thunk! Roll, roll, thunk! Roll, roll, thunk! It was a nice metaphor for how hard we make things for ourselves. I can still hear that sound in the cul-de-sac of my memory. It is this unbalance striving to move forward that I want to write about today.

I know we need balance and I’ve used the concept of the Native medicine wheel for a variety of things such as: lessons in personal growth; program evaluations; and blue prints for goal setting. The wheel gives us direction (literally) and a great picture of the parts of us that make us who we are. If we are heavy in one area, the wheel won’t roll smoothly. That’s the point, my wheel is not rolling smoothly and if I just let it sit, I will rust up and no amount of Bondo will make me whole again.

Intellectual: My mind is pretty active and I think I’m growing and developing in this sector all the time. I like that the colour associated with this is white like a blank piece of paper or an empty screen just waiting for me to fill it.

Spiritual: I need to delve into this one. I am not a religious person but I have some beliefs, the primary being “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The basic karmic principles apply. This is the east with the rising sun shining on my face. I know the world is full of energy. We exist because our energy drives us and when we leave this plane, our energy still exists – we are not fossil fuel! I need to work on my energy and committing to my peace of mind.

Emotional: Wow! This sector is red. I have been so full of anger most of my life, that this is an area in which I have grown. I am finding peace and love! I AM worthy of receiving love and can give love unconditionally. I am much better at expressing my emotions. (I’m still a little liberal with the potty mouth though – I’ll pass that off as pain-induced.) I truly believe that keeping a food journal that requires me to list the emotions I’m feeling when I eat, has helped here. I have to be honest or what’s the point? The sector is connected to the teacher and I am learning. If I don’t, I’ll keep getting the same lessons until I do. This is also the west – the sunset!

Physical: This is where my wheel is truly broken. I need to believe in my inner healer. I need to accept that my body needs me and much outside help. If I do not respect my body and what it is telling me, how can I make it better? I know what to do. I even know what I CAN do. The hard part is accepting what I cannot do and allowing things to develop the way they have to. I’m not as young as I was. I have health issues – a crap load (a metric measurement, by the way). But I can eat well. I can manage my pain and not aggravate my bad hip. I can exercise with the information I’ve found for people who cannot use their legs. I can look in the mirror and be happy with how I look. I can physically smile at myself and the world! Did you know that the more you smile the better you feel? It works and I’m doing it right now.

So, I’m going to work on balancing my wheel – my life and all aspects of it. It’s not like I can take myself to Canadian Tire for a wheel balancing (average $30); but at least there will be action and motion! Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

My Healthy Wheel and the Roller Coaster of Life

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on April 10, 2012.

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