The Myth of Balance – Am I Off-Balanced?

My Tree Pose

My life is off-balanced – or is it?

At the turn of the millennium (I can’t believe I get to say this but it’s true) the word to women was “balance”. What the hell did that mean? What does it mean now? I was looking for quotes and on the Essential LIfe Skills Site I noticed most of the quotes were by men. I mean, really  – Art Garfunkel?

Well, the concept is back. There are so many postings on the internet. For example. I just had a shower. So now, my PH is balanced! And in the shower I discovered I need to balance on my right leg so I don’t fall down or put out my left hip. I know I lean a bit to the right side but this does not reflect my politics.

My Pose of the Citrus

I know I’m trying to balance my diet – veggies, proteins, carbs, fats etc….. I use the Canada’s Food Guide so I should be balanced there. (Oops, I shoulded on myself.) I’m also a little off-balanced with the exercise to food balance. How about Yogic balance? “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” – Ghandi. OK, Mahatma , now how do I do that?

Is it the work/life balance? I’m not working right now so maybe that’s it? Maybe it’s TV/computer or vitamins/meds or estrogen/serotonin? Is being off-balanced unbalanced? And is being unbalanced being crazy? Unbalanced is definitely a force in physics – my worst science subject. I loved the concepts and experiments but the math killed me – unbalanced forces, for sure! In physics they use such terms as friction (love it), lift (my bra – good balance), thrust ( OMG), weight (got it and lots of it), drag (me or Norm?), push and pull (people do that to me all the time). Does this mean I’m breaking Newton’s Law? I like the idea of breaking the law.

Pose of the Rock

Getting My Rocks Off

Ok, I’m unbalanced but not off-balance. I will work on the physical (see I worked physics in there again)and mental forces affecting me. And I will look toward the Native Medicine Wheel to help me bring me into balance. After all a wheel cannot roll straight if it unbalanced.

Thanks for listening and sorry for two posts in one day. 😀 Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on April 9, 2012.

4 Responses to “The Myth of Balance – Am I Off-Balanced?”

  1. Hi. mrscmonkey here. Just to say if you haven’t already noticed my blog is now
    If you still wish to follow my musings, come follow!
    Ooh ooh aah aah, where’s my banana?

  2. I just re-read this and you mentioned having to stand a bit more on one leg than the other to be straight – it made me think of Wii Fit balance board. I’m off centre and very unbalanced apparently, put too much weight on my right side. Is there a link to being right handed? Mmm…
    At least I’m evenly balanced that I’m unbalanced mentally and physically 🙂

    • Yes, I am having an issue with one of my artificial hips. The socket of my left one has become unseated and must be re-installed. It seems I have a screw loose and the socket is shifting so every once in a while my left leg goes out of the socket and I can’t put any weight on that leg. So to keep it from going out and terrified of going down in the shower I remain Unbalanced. Sigh! I hated the WII Fit board. It seemed too small for me and I passed it on to much smaller people that I. I’m really enjoying your blog! Thanks for the support – physically and mentally.! PS: I am right handed but right brained – maybe this is why I’m also unbalanced???

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