Thonking on Tuna Casserole

The famous anthropologist, Margaret Mead once said,
” always remember, you are absolutely unique – just like everybody else.”

I guess I am unique. I was really thinking about it – uniqueness that is. No one is exactly like anyone else. Even identical twins are different in some ways. I know, National Geographic says so. I’m at the point where I am feeling really sorry for myself and will not be able to go back to work for awhile but I don’t have the surgery date yet and I’m thinking about all the pain and hard work I have to do to get back to where I was 6, six, SIX, years ago. Sigh. I went to work yesterday and right off the bat I couldn’t use the handicap spot because some other person with mobility issues was parked in it, sigh. I got my walker out of the trunk and my cane because I have to climb a flight of stairs to get to our learning centre. The receptionist got the Maintenance Supervisor to carry my walker upstairs for me. We’ve requested an elevator for years but money for such an expense is hard to come by. So, I said good bye for awhile to my students, made up all the work plans and stuff to hand off to other teachers and staff  who will take over for me. I talked to my boss (The BEST Boss anyone could have!) and explained everything. I will count my blessings because everyone is different and I am surrounded by love. I just got to thonking on it.

Thonking is what you are doing when you think you are thinking but you’re not and things just pop into your head then you just bang (not too hard) your head against a wall. The sound made is a “thonk”. This can also be done under extreme stress – then you can use a brick wall. It can be an epiphany or the total absence of one. I realized that this is just an opportunity and I was being given a chance to do a whole bunch of things the way I want to – with little physical effort. This life lesson is – be careful what you wish for!

I decided on the way home from work that I was going to satisfy some of my creature comfort needs. Tuna Casserole!!!!! We don’t have it too often because I usually make enough for an entire soccer team, both sides, and it is full of carbs. So I did it. Whole wheat pasta was the only nod to healthy; cream of mushroom soup; Miracle Whip (it’s essential but I don’t like it on anything else); tuna (I used whole albacore, the good stuff); lots of black pepper; a tiny bit of celery and onions (the veggies, right?); topped all off with crushed Ritz (also the whole wheat ones) and cheddar cheese. It was worth it! Norm made tea and I felt very comfortable eating tuna casserole in the living room watching TV. Nice! Who’d a thonk it?

So, as I start another chapter (it’s not a new one but seems like a re-run) of my life. I will cherish my uniqueness and tuna casserole. Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on March 27, 2012.

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