Bad Girl Just for the Halibut!

Well, I may not have been able to go away for spring break but we (Norm and I) drove up island on Wednesday. Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Bowser! Normally I would have got us a romantic room on the beach but what’s the point? I can’t walk very far and a walker doesn’t work well in the sand. Yes, I have succumbed to using the walker to keep a seat near me when I my hip/leg does that crunch-thud thing it has been doing about 3-4 times a day, now. SIGH!

So we took in all the sights between here and there. The drive is breathtaking and we kept going in and out of the sunshine. We stopped for a late lunch (see below) and drove on.  We went down to the community beach in the centre of Parksville. The view is spectacular and there were a lot of people out walking – in toques, gloves, heavy jackets and even scarves. Come-on! It’s supposed to be spring but I believe we have bad-mouthed the east for so long we are being punished with wind and low temperatures while they get the topical days! Karma sucks!

We lasted all of 30 minutes and decided to drive a bit further north to Qualicum and Bowser (I love saying “Bowser”). It didn’t get any warmer but it did get cloudier. We turned around and I had a craving for fresh fish. It’s halibut season. I would love some fresh halibut, wouldn’t you? So a quick turn off to French Creek Seafood. The wind was incredibly strong and actually blew me around but the fish smell was everywhere like the seagulls. I bought three halibut steaks and off for home we went. If it was any fresher it would have slapped me in the face!

Now I’m going tell you about our lunch. You know how difficult it can be eating out. There’s a restaurant just outside of Chemainus that is called the Haida Way (I love the pun using a First Nation’s name) and I always try to stop there for their Curry Chicken and chips. It is so bad for me but the chicken is to die for and it will last at least 3 meals. It’s boneless, breast cutlets; breaded, fried cut up served on fries and covered with curry gravy! So that’s what I ordered. Norm splurged and did the bacon, mushroom, cheese burger – the old-fashioned kind! The waitress knows us by sight. She’s a delight! I didn’t even try to eat healthy but I did take most of it home.

I’ve been feeling so sorry for myself I seem to be craving anything I can put in my mouth. And now that my activity level has dropped into the toilet, I think I’m gaining weight disproportionately. My Dr. wouldn’t even kick my ass because she was feeling sorry for me and might dislocate something (Tee Hee Hee!). I love the KITA theory!

Well, anyways, I thought a nice feed of fresh halibut would set me back to rights. That fish was so fresh there was no fish smell and it was so clean all I did was take out the bones and roll them in cornmeal seasoned with Old Bay seasoning. A quick fry in the Pammed pan and they were done. I served them with sautéed cheesy-onioned zucchini slices. My Mom used to cook white fish with cornmeal for our family when I was little and we lived in Nova Scotia. She didn’t like fish but she would cook it for US! So I cooked it for us! My guilt went down a little but I did eat a little more of the chicken before bed. Bad Girl!!!!

Thanks for listening. ;D

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on March 23, 2012.

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