Standing Up For Your Self! (It’s a pun!)

I think this may help more people than me right now. I want to scare you “sit-less”. My daughter, Shauna, sent me this article from Fitness magazine and it is timely indeed. I read it and it made me rethink all my sitting around then just doing exercises for my legs. Get Strong, Sexy Legs: The Anatomy of Your Leg Muscles   tells some amazing truths about what happens to your legs when you are sitting. They are doing nothing but being inert material.

It talks about things like standing being good for you. Did you know that you have to point your toes to work our calves? Doing exercises on your toes works your calves. And then there’s the actual work involved in standing.  Sitting burns 96 calories an hour for an average 140-pound woman as opposed to 147 calories while standing and for a woman my size I would burn even more!!!! And you burn more standing in high heals! But as it is with most things – there’s a down side to standing in high heels. Anything more than 2 hours can cause back damage etc…. If you look closely at the picture of the spinal stilettos to the right, you will see an ace bandage on her right ankle.  All things in moderation!?

So, stand if you can and up on your toes to do those upper body exercises. The Bosu ball will work all your leg muscles and core.  I’ll stick to my exercise ball when I get the OK. I bought one to sit on at work and I have to put sand in it so it doesn’t roll away. But the sand was wet from the beach and we know you don’t put wet beach sand in a plastic ball.  Can you imagine the smell? I wish I could make this a scratch and sniff blog. Eeeew!

Anyways, have wonderful Sunday. I’ll stand at the kitchen counter to make supper rather that sit on a stool but I’l be leaning so I don’t aggravate my loose screw. Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on March 18, 2012.

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