Friends are Delicious (but I am not a Cannibal)

I had coffee with a close friend yesterday and just sitting there made everything smell and taste better because I was sharing the experience.

I am a terrible speller and back 20 years ago I learned I probably had a learning disability and it was probably the reason I was in detentions from grade 2 to grade 8.  I could not spell or sit still. I was very bright so I would be done my work very quickly, then bug the heck out of everyone else, get up, move around, etc.  In grade 6, I was even Scotch-taped to my desk with my head facing my paper. It didn’t bother me and I got some great attention from the kids I wanted attention from anyways. My desk has been at the front of the room; the back of the room; the coat room and once beside the principal’s office. (Sigh!) But it was never officially diagnosed and is probably a form of dyslexia. I have a very hard time remembering more than four numbers in a row and mix letters up all the time (back to this in a second – now, more of my rant). It could be ADD (attention deficit disorder – OOO shiny things! never mind) or even mild FASD (fetal alcohol spectrum disorder). This last one was suggested by my Mom, herself. She said she partied every weekend when she was carrying me. Sigh, she was a great Navy wife.

Anyways, why the rant and title? One of the many words I could not spell was “friend”. I always spelled it (and still do some times – I love the autocorrect) “freind” and when I was taking literacy tutor training I discovered I am a kinesthetic-tactile learner. I need to move and touch things to learn the best! (That explains the inability to sit in my seat.)  I also learned that there are strategies to help you learn. Mnemonics are one of them.  These are little rhymes or sayings that help you remember things. I know the one:

“i” before “e”
except after “c”
unless it sounds “a”
as in neighbour and weigh.

These work, sort of, I still have a problem with achieve because there’s a “c” in there. Right? Anyways, I couldn’t remember how to spell friend until Margaret, the Tutor Trainer, told me to use the mnemonic, “If you “fri” their “ends” they won’t be your friends.” And every time I say this to myself, and I use the word “friends” a lot (The most miss-spelled word in university is “a lot”.) I wonder why anyone would fry up their friends.  I just did it again and the computer red-lined it and corrected! Yea!!!!! But, I enjoy being with friends and they do make life more delicious and things are better when they are around. Friendship has no calories but it is very sweet and fulfilling!

Thanks to all my friends – I won’t fry your ends! Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on March 15, 2012.

One Response to “Friends are Delicious (but I am not a Cannibal)”

  1. Friend used to give me a hard time as well. I eventually got over it, for the most part, by typing it as often as I could. Every time I’d screw it up, I’d bring up my word processor and type it correctly, over and over.
    Still, like many other words, it occasionally causes me frustration. Now, I think I won’t have to worry about that any more! Thanks!

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