Just Duct Tape My Hip!

I was away from home from Friday to Sunday to celebrate a 60th birthday and 38 years of friendship. Three of us came on the 7am ferry from Vancouver Island, two from Calgary and one from Hope. We gathered at a wonderful chalet halfway up a mountain near Chilliwack, BC. We even had separate bedrooms! One of things that did happen was the “crunch thud “of my left leg going south on me while we were all standing around making supper. But it didn’t hurt so we weekended on!!!! But more about the Wicked Wack Women’s Weekend in another post.

Now, let me tell you the on-going drama of my life. Sunday night it was wonderful to have some time to get ready for work and Monday morning I was all dressed and ready to go work. But we were in the middle of a powerful wind storm, they called a “weather bomb”. I got a call telling me school was cancelled because there was no power.  Stormaggedon caused the power to go out all over greater Victoria (not where I lived, though) and our whole school district was closed (3 schools).
Hmmm, what to do? Someone from the gym had called while I was away and asked how I was doing etc. So, I called him and told him about the fall on Thursday night and how it wasn’t the trainer’s fault in any way, and after my weirdness on the weekend, I would see if I could see the hip specialist and get a note so I could go back to class. It turns out my specialist is on spring break with his kids (the nerve!). So, using good deductive reasoning, I figured that I would go to the Victoria General Hospital (VicGen) where a Dr. from my specialist’s office was the “Orthopod” on call.
I went in to the hospital at 10:30 and got x-rayed and examined pretty quickly. It seems things were more urgent than I thought. I guess telling them about the “crunch thud” was a good thing? The actual hip joints looked great but…a bone chip showed up and they couldn’t figure out where it came from. The Dr who came to share the info with me was kind of excited because it might just be that a tendon pulled piece of bone but they wanted to know which tendon etc. I got sent for a CT scan to find it. Back to my room. The Dr came back in and said they were checking me in for the surgery and I said “WHAT?”
It seems the cup that the ball of the hip goes into, is loose. What, What? The thing is supposed to be cemented and held there with one screw.  I guess that ‘s one step above duct tape. I am joking but it needs to be reseated (?). I cried a bit and phoned Norm to come and get my purse, car and jewelry. He was on his way when the Dr. who had been caring for me come in and said the Specialist was in surgery until later in the evening (it was still just afternoon) and I could wait and talk to him or go home and go to the orthopaedic clinic on Friday at the Saanich Peninsula (SanPen) hospital.  I took option B and went home. I will have to have it fixed and I can’t take long walks, do any exercise involving standing, jumping, lunges, etc.. But I have to use my cane and keep mildly active. Yep, my day-to-day activities will be OK, for now. So, I guess I find out on Friday when my next visit to the Hip Spa will be. Thank you all for being there for me and making me feel “normal” or as normal as the group of us could ever be, because you/we are exceptional!  With bells on.
Thanks for listening! ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on March 13, 2012.

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