Pride Went Before the Fall

The Flat Step

Oh, I hurt soooo much.  I even have a bruise on the hip side of my bum (butt for our American neighbours and my kids). Thursday, I was working out with my TBW (The Biggest Winner) Group and we were doing the aerobic bit between the routines and I was all full of myself because I had graduated from stepping across the line drawn on the floor to the low step. Because of the lack of strength in my left thigh/hip muscles since the hip replacement (I have two new hips and am legally bionic) I haven’t been able to lift my left leg much or use it as a leading foot for exercises or even climbing stairs. So, Dana adapts routines and exercises for me. Instead of using the big Steps to go up, down, across etc. Dana drew a line on the floor matting and I stepped across it sideways, forward and back, also etc.

But I had gotten stronger. I could now step up.. a little. So, as the rest of the group was jumping on and off the Bosu® ball, I was doing my pseudo dance routine on the low step. Up up (that’s each foot) down down, up up, down, down. I had the rhythm and was loving it. The first set of reps went fabulous! Then we each drew a card from the “Fab Bod Exercise” card deck(Exercise cards? You ask? More about them at a later date!) and we did 30 each of four cards worth of body building/shaping exercises then 2 or 4 minutes of cardio then we would start all over again.

I was doing the step ones; right up left up; right down left down; as often as I could in 4 minutes. I was feeling really good, getting a little tired, but doing it. Then IT happened. I couldn’t quite lift my left foot up high enough to get on top of the step. It hit the side and I started to fall.  It all happened in slow motion and I was panicking and thinking I would break something like a did a year ago in Mexico when I fractured  my femur in a fall.

Well, I managed to twist a little and hit the floor on my left side and even bounced off the rubber floor a wee bit. Everyone was right over me and Dana was asking if I was OK. I moved my left leg a little to see if my hip had popped out but it seemed to go back into place no problem as I sat on my bum. I heard a voice behind me asking if I was okay to get to get up and I asked just to sit for a minute.

I waited for the wave of pain to crash over me. It didn’t. All of a sudden, I felt soooo embarrassed. Dana pulled and the guy behind me pushed and I stood up.  No pain. Hmmm? I moved my leg and stepped forward. No pain. Someone asked if I was OK and would I like a glass of water. I felt fine, great, actually. I shook myself and finished the class; this time using the line on floor instead of the step. Dana and the other women in my class were fantastic. They made sure I was OK; did I need anything; sharing embarrassing fall/injury stories like when Dana’s achilles tendon snapped. I felt fine and left feeling strong and proud of myself. I would go home take a hot shower and take a couple of analgesics.

Whoa, I hurt on Friday morning and I had to get up at 5am to drive two of my friends and myself to the mainland for a six-woman weekend in Chilliwack. We were going to catch the 7 am ferry. The girls’ weekend was wonderful but something really weird happened that night as I was standing at the kitchen counter helping get supper ready. My left leg suddenly went out from under me…but just a little bit.  It felt like the rubber bands holding my leg to my bum just slipped. I sort of swung it around a bit and it seemed like everything went back into place. About 20 minutes later it happened again but this time with a loud “crunch” then “thud” sound and I couldn’t stand on my left leg. I perched on a stool and wiggled to get everything back under my pelvis and it seemed to be okay. It didn’t hurt.

The rest of the weekend I was terrified of it happening again.  I was taking ibuprofen liquid gels so there was only dull ache, but I had been having that lately anyways. Oh, well. I’m home now. I’ll call the specialist tomorrow and have it checked out.  I’m probably due for the 100,000 km check up anyways.

I do have to thank everyone around me for their care and support and I will be counting on you all again to donate new joints to me in the future. I’m joking. Kind of.

More on the Women’s Wack (short for Chilliwack) Weekend later. So, thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on March 11, 2012.

3 Responses to “Pride Went Before the Fall”

  1. Hope your leg heals!

  2. Thank you for your support! I’m thinking positively! ;D

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