Diet Water – Keep ‘Em Guessing

The next time you are in a restaurant order a “diet” water.
There are many ways to keep the world guessing at what’s going on for you. If you want to.. yesterday was a bad day for me in some ways but glorious in others. It was my biweekly doctor’s visit and I did not lose anything, in fact, I gained a little. I love my doctor, Michelle Fretz. She asked me if I had taken too much salt. I said, “Yes, on a bunch of food!” She understands because she works at staying slim and fit and she does it while working, mothering, wifing and skiing, too. I think Paris agrees with her. She suggested I eat like I was in Paris; just small meals of food I really like and walk everywhere.
I do retain water but I have not been true to my plan. And I have not been keeping my true food journal. Today I will be going back to the one I gave my students:
Date: The days can all run together.
Food: With portions or measurements, no cheating! I count drinks here, too.
Time: When did I eat it and how long did it take. This is amazing for picking out the fast food thing and the beside the computer meal.
Where: This is very important. If I’m eating all my food at the computer and I’m still eating too much or the wrong foods, the computer may be a clue. Do you think?
Feeling: Most of us are emotional eaters so this is really, really important. When students do this “bored” is common. This makes me think. I need to think when I eat.
Notes: All charts, journals and tables (kitchen and word-processing ones included) need this category and this where I write my explanations and/or excuses.







 8/3  1/2 grapefruit  7:17 – 10 min  Kitchen Table  good
really good
 “  coffee 3 cups  6 – 7  “  thinking  I like good coffee
 I just got an IPad from work for work but I will be keeping my food journal on it! There’s an APP for that!
Now for the gloriousness of yesterday! The sun was spectacular. I got all my errands done before lunch and I did NOT eat out. I went to two of the most interesting shops in Langford, Curious Comics (Did you know Dungeons and Dragons is still going strong?) and Simply Gifted. It was fun just looking around. I ran into two women I had not seen in awhile and there were spontaneous hugs! I bought an exercise ball and I’ll take it to work next week. And I bought the wine for the Girls’ Weekend I’m going on tomorrow.
Yep, you heard me, tomorrow until Sunday, I and five of my friends will converge on a house in the woods near Chilliwack, the “Wack”, BC. We will be celebrating a milestone birthday for one of us and the fact that we have been friends for 38 years! I don’t think being nutritionally good will be that difficult because we are all about our health at this mid-life adjustment phase of our lives.  That and we’ll berate each other for not eating right! But wine will be involved. And probably a little whine, too.
Have fun this weekend, I know I will. Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on March 8, 2012.

2 Responses to “Diet Water – Keep ‘Em Guessing”

  1. Aww, that sounds like it’s going to be a great time !

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