The Fudge Ritz Guilt Puppy

Yesterday, I told everyone at work about the new Birthday Cake Oreos then thought I should have bought some to try at work. I mean, for the people at work to try. Yes, I shoulded on myself and got punished for it, too, but more about that later. At lunch I went to the Thrifty Foods near work and they were completely sold out but they did have another Christie miracle. Thank you Mr. Christie.  They had “Ritz Fudge”. Huh? Actually, they are “Limited Edition Fudge Covered Ritz”. So, I bought some and brought them back to work to share. Yes! I shared them.  I had one and felt fairly righteous because three was a serving so my boss, Kendra and Linda and I shared a full serving – one each. It was OK. “Fudge” is a  good word for the coating because it was chocolatey but not chocolate. The Ritz part was – well – a classic Ritz, buttery, crisp and delectable. I left them at work as I went to TBW (The Biggest Winner). It was measure and weigh at the half way point. I’ve lost a couple of inches and my shape is a little changed but…

My guilt puppy is whining and scratching at the screen door to be let out. I haven’t been following the whole program. I AM watching what I eat (as it goes into my mouth), walking more (when I’m not in excruciating pain) and doing some exercise at home (in front of the TV as I watch). There, I confessed! I had a bun with supper!!!!!! I did not lose any weight in the last three
weeks of TBW. I got the whole “It’s normal when you burn fat and build muscle.” talk! One of our group was complaining because she only lost a total of five inches and that wasn’t enough for her. All together we felt pretty good, but then, exercise endorphins are marvellous! Gotta love the agility ladder.

I talk it up pretty good but not to myself sometimes. I wish that leftovers had no calories. I wish that wishing would make the weight go away. I wish that carrots tasted like cake – not carrot cake, just really good butter cake! But wishes don’t become goals unless I work at them. And we all know that something worth having is something worth working for, right? Oh my gosh, even I am getting tired of “Rah! Rah!” cheerleading myself. So..I know that it doesn’t do any good (the guilt puppy told me) to start tomorrow, I’ll re-start today. Eggs for breakfast and spicy tomato veggies at work (leftovers without the pasta Norm got with them). And tomorrow I’ll take the puppy for a long walk!

Thanks for listening. ;D  Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on March 2, 2012.

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