Wishful Shrinking!


I like the word “wishful”. Full of wishes is a great way to be. It reminds me of goodfull (another good diet related word!); that satisfied feeling after eating good food in good quantity and with good company. Good is a very subjective word. What is good for me might not be good for you or… I like good food. Liver is not good food (to me). Do you know what your liver does?  EEEEWWWW I’m not eating that! But I understand that fois gras is becoming very popular and that is nothing more that really, really fatty goose liver. Eew! I wish I could eat and never gain weight.  It turns out I can. It’s all about how much and the law of equivalent exchange.

Equivalent exchange is where you cannot get anything without giving something!! Great concept. There’s even a whole anime series about the concept – Full Metal Alchemist.  But I digress (another awesome word). All weight loss and gain is based on burning more than you take in or take in more than you burn. Meh! Yes, it is that simple.

But wishing is one of those activities that could be used to focus your energies! One of the most amazing (Probably not amazing to the rest of the world, but, when a 57 year old woman gets an epiphany, I just go with it.) things about wishing is that you have to think! Someone once said (I couldn’t find it in Bartlett’s but it was in MY head), “Goals are just wishes with timelines.” So, what do you wish for? What do I wish for? Number 1 is always: to be happy. It isn’t measurable, it isn’t solid, I can’t even define it the same way twice but I know what it feels like to me. Then I can break it down into what makes me happy. Family: Yep got a great one. Health: I feel pretty good and working to get off the meds etc. Body: walking without a limp would make me happy so I’m working on losing weight, building muscles and walking to make it better all the time (OMG – a goal just slipped out!). So, I will review my wishes but I am feeling pretty happy right now and all of you are helping with that but I know that I have to put in work and energy or I won’t get anything out of it!

Thanks for listening! ;D Diane

I really like this song.  It’s called Good Feeling by Flo Rida. The video isn’t stellar but he IS working out!

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on February 24, 2012.

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  2. oh yeahhhhhhasasasasasa

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