Setting Myself on Fire

I gave up jogging for my health

when my thighs kept rubbing together

and setting my sweat pants on fire.

For those of us with weight issues there are usually a combination of causes and effects. Friction is an effect; so are chafing, rashes, sweat pools, elastic dents in various parts of your body and non-fashionable wear patterns on jeans. People pay huge amounts of money for jeans with that worn look. But it’s really not sexy or cool when it’s through the top of the inside thighs of those jeans! Low carb diets can make me very cranky but thinner. Low fat diets make me crave chips so badly I could … (insert vivid binge-prep shopping trip). But we also know that being obese or even a little over our recommended BMI can be detrimental (notice the reference to mental in that word!!!!) to our well-being. But then so can pictures of slim women in jeans we will never wear!

How did she get THAT wear pattern?

So if I continue to work on works for me what can I lose? Maybe about 60 pound? I’ll use TRX straps to pull my own weight up and down.  Gravity is good for exercise bad for figure!!!!

My daughter just gave me a new word “HANGRY”. It’s what you feel when you are soooo hungry and people eat in front of you and you are trying to be so good. I guess cranky is general and hangry is directed????  New words in the weight loss field will be a great topic for future blogs. Send me your new words for things!

Thanks for listening! ;D

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on February 22, 2012.

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