Victoria’s Secret or Fredrick’s of Hollywood?

I was going to write about the calorie myths we tell ourselves about food but I read a sad Blog today and I want to talk about that. The author’s a 30-something woman with self-esteem issues (OMG, I’ve been there and still going on myself).  But she IS doing something to feel and look better so it’s not a huge pity party just a marker on the road.

It is hard to go shopping with friends and not being able to buy things where they shop. The good news for Princess, Queen, and Empress-sized women like me is that there are so many options for buying something that makes me feel sexy and look attractive! Maybe that’s the word could focus on – attractive. Who do I want to attract? A man? Envious looks? I got a man, had him for 37 years and still get that little hitch in my throat when I see him. Obviously he likes a heavy woman. It might be that he needs the furnace factor but I think it’s more than that. He still gets jealous. Tee hee hee. That’s so silly.

I think I’ll focus on how I want to feel. I went into OT, a yoga gear shop, with my youngest daughter yesterday. I need new exercise pants for The Biggest Winner program I’m part of.  The sweats and 4x T aren’t comfortable – too damn hot. So I tried on long pants and capris. I asked them how the capris looked – I thought they were too tight and revealing of my excess tummy but both the clerk (and it is her job to say they and I looked great) and Leanne said they looked great! I like how they made me feel but I didn’t want to let myself believe I could look great in yoga pants. Hell, it’s just for working out, right? I bought them and they will be working very soon!

I can find gorgeous clothes and intimates made just for my size(s). I can shop in person, on-line or in catalogues. I can enjoy shopping for things with my friends, sister, daughters and  myself. Sometimes I help them and sometimes they help me. I’m not embarrassed anymore and maybe that comes with age and confidence. I have  a lot of styles of bras in 6 colours and multiple designs and textures. An ample woman is truly the only one a bustier looks really good on! I love how I feel in silk teddy. Is this too much information? Rubenesque! Comfy! I am becoming more comfortable with myself. Would I change it? Of course! I need to lose weight and I am. I need to be healthier and I’m working on it. Do I need to hide my body flaws? I do, but I can do it in a fuchsia bra and lace panties, can’t I? (Sorry kids, I’m just being honest!) Sometimes the sexiest thing you can put on is your perfume!

Thanks for listening. ;D  Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on February 19, 2012.

2 Responses to “Victoria’s Secret or Fredrick’s of Hollywood?”

  1. where are your favourite places to shop?

  2. I live in Victoria, so it’s no secret! For intimates?: Pennington’s, Addition Elle, Victoria Classic Lingeries on Fort St, Lane Bryant on line! But I’ll tell you another secret if you’re brave the best bra I ever bough was on EBay! We’ll talk more!

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