Saying No!

My friend, Lynn,says she has her finger in too many pots and needs to learn to say “No!”. I have my hands in too many places and l need to learn to say, “No!”, too.

It says ENJOY!

Cupboards, the fridge, bowls, bags, boxes, plastic and aluminum containers. Friday nights are “Bring-in” nights and last night we decided to have Chinese for a change.  We haven’t had it for a long time because our favourite restaurant closed and we haven’t found the next right one! Yet. I like that I can look at menus on line and May Gold Village in the heart of Langford has a great buffet so I thought the take out menu was worth giving a try. Their dinner included Beef and Broccoli and Chicken Chop Suey and no rice. I need the veggies and not the carbs. But so much food!!!! It was wonderful but I kept wanting a little more, some carrots, some celery, bok choy, a morsel or two of beef and chicken, and that was after the main feast. I DID not have one of the tiny egg rolls (Insert cheers here!!!!)

So, to save my tummy and weight loss goals for the week, I repacked it all and put the left-overs away. But the ever present hunger pangs/pains kicked in two hours later while watching TV. I could have gone for a walk but didn’t. I could have filled my 20 ounce Mason water mug again and quaffed it all down, but I didn’t.  Norm ran out of pretzels. So, I got him some more from the kitchen.  And, I need to learn to say “No!” to all foods after already eating. Notice I am not “shoulding” on myself but “coulding” on myself. It’s much more positive, eh? Back to the pretzels. I try not to have chips in the house because I will eventually eat the whole bag or box. Peanuts, cashews, nuts in the shell and Norm can have pretzels (we are concerned about his Molsen muscle). Pretzels are addictive. They do not come with a warning label. They have only a little bit of salt on them and are baked not fried. They are a “white food” and I’m feeling the wheat pain from my weakness last night. Next time, Norm can get his own pretzels.

Just like “No!” is the best oral contraceptive, “No!” is a powerful word. I will say it to myself when I ask if I need this thing.  I will say it to myself when asked if I have time for one more thing. I will say it to myself when I ask if something is stopping me from being me! So, the lesson for today is; saying “Yes! to “No!”.

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on February 18, 2012.

3 Responses to “Saying No!”

  1. It’s the worst when the good restaurants close. Finding a replacement is so much work. Good for you on saying no to the rice. Chinese leftovers call my name, too. It’s funny. I don’t speak Mandarin, but I have no trouble understanding the leftovers when they speak.

  2. Well, you did a great job of avoiding the rice! Those hunger pangs could be a result of not having enough protein. Proteing makes you feel more fun. I have EAS advantEdge shakes that have approx 100 cal and 17g of protein. I drink them whenever I get hungry at night. Good luck!

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