Dance it Out and Lower Your BMI!

Bon Jovi singing “It’s My Life” is on the radio and as I was walking from the kitchen to the livingroom I decided walking is for chumps! I danced.  I was a little winded after the whole song, then I realized, and I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this since my kids were small, but, dancing is exercise. After all, I sing this song out loud in my car why shouldn’t I have fun at home with it. I don’t have to walk from one room to another or just push the vacuum around…I CAN DANCE!!!!!!  I used to dance the housework when the kids were little. It sure made the house work go quickly.

I saw Dr Amson, the Weight Loss Surgery doctor yesterday. That is not an office I dance into. In fact, he cares so much about each patient that I brought a book and read through 139 pages before my name was called. I got to go on the dreaded scale. It’s an electronic thing with metal footprints and the assistant feeds in your height, age, gender and basic body type.  Yep. BMI, and mine was down. I wasn’t sure I had lost weight since I saw him last because I had actually gained almost 30 pounds back on my backslide! But I was down over a kilo (almost 2.2 pounds) from my last weigh-in there so what I’m doing IS working.

But my Body Mass Index is down! The Tanita Body Composition Analyzer 310 (Yep, it has a name and model number) prints out a great little story that includes all kinds of numbers to intimidate the math phobia mind! BMI is more important than your weight. I’m going to give you the idea of the info on my print out.

Body type – It said I was Standard.  Humph, standard my ass, I’m DELUXE!
Gender – Yes, I have one.  I’ll take female
Age – so cruel, so cruel – 57 is the new 37. Right?
Height – It really depends which leg I stand on but I’ll go with 5 ft 3 1/2 inches
Weight – This is worse than height but lower than the 300 I was once
BMI – 40.1 and that is way down from 50 I was. It’s still in the dangerously obese range but I’m happier
BMR – Basal metabolic Rate – Whaaa? this is the number of calories I need to take in to maintain my present weight – 1688 and if I eat less I WILL Lose weight.
Impedance – That just refers to how strong the electronic signal sent through my body was. That means how much fat, bone and muscle the pulse had to go through – 385 and the little omega sign (Insert shrug here!)
Fat% – Holy Crap, Batman! I did not want this number – 47% OH MY GOD! 47% of my body is fat!
Fat Mass – It gives it in weight. Women need more fat than men, you know!
FFM – Fat Free Mass – the bones, muscles and water – I would weigh 122 lbs if I was completely Fat Free like my yoghurt!
TBW – Total body water – seriously – 89 lbs – The math isn’t working for me. But then I was told fat and muscle have water in it. I know my brain is full of water. Fat people need to stay hydrated or we are hungry all the time when we are really thirsty.

Lower down it says I desire a fat % of 23-34% and a Fat Mass of between 37 and 63 lbs.  I’ll aim for that!

So what does all of this me to me?  Keep on dancing.  The big footprints on the Tanita BMI Scale reminded me of dancing charts. I can do that, so, when I’m not sitting at the computer or driving I’ll Dance it out!!!!!!! Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

Please click this for a Bon Jovi Fix!

And if want to see why dancing can help us grow thinner….

Unbelievable Dubstep Dance Skills | PUMPED UP KICKS | [Warning: This is Amazing]

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on February 16, 2012.

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