Pain in the Butt – Am I a Pain in the Butt?

I got my very first acupuncture treatment yesterday. I didn’t set out for one and had actually been thinking about seeing a chiropractor for the pain in my left hip, glute area – my butt.  (Butt is a very American way to say bum and is more socially acceptable in North American.) I had been wondering of it was nerves or tendons that hurt because the actual joints are all human-made material. And the most annoying nerve pain (neuropathy) in that area is in the sciatic nerve. The nerve of that sciatic, cutting into my life!!!! Did you hear that Ethel? I got me the sciatica. Piriformis Sciatica. Sorry Dr. Fretz, yes, I did look it up on the internet. I had always connected sciatica with the back and very old people – and God knows, I’m not old!

Either TARDIS or the Delorian, It doesn’t matter to me.

Anyway … as I read up on all these things relating to my butt pain, the pieces began to fall into place. I can’t believe I’ve been feeling this thing for years but the pain has just really started over the  last few months.  Walking! Walking has aggravated it!!!! Sigh…I’ll go back in time to explain.

When I had my left hip replaced over 6 years ago, there were some residual side affects. Numbness of the skin and muscles of the thigh, weak adductors and abductors (my fault, not enough exercise) and this weird sensation if I stood too long on my feet then sat thigh would be on fire.  Honestly, it felt like burning hot needles were all over the outside of my thigh.  I thought that was normal post-op nerve regeneration stuff (I’ve had that before, too, but in other weird places). It was neuropathy. Now, it’s sciatica and the number one way to get rid of sciatica is stretching the muscles around the nerve to release the pressure and allow the nerves to do what they are supposed to do! I guess when I was walking more I was making the pressure more because I don’t/can’t stretch properly to let the sciatic nerve  work. There is a series of simple stretches I can do but the specialist freaked out when I even tried to show him how flexible I was because that is one of the many positions that can pop a hip-joint right out (insert much screaming and panic here!!!).

The great news? I can find alternatives to this and now that I’m exercising other muscles, they can help take pressure off, too. Wow, and to think getting needled in the bum cleared my head and helped me put it all together.  Oh, yeah, I did have an acupuncture needle in the top of head, too.  Maybe that helped!  The bad news? I don’t have to give up walking… Damn, Ethel, I thought I had a great excuse!

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on February 11, 2012.

4 Responses to “Pain in the Butt – Am I a Pain in the Butt?”

  1. Acupuncture is great stuff. As you know Avard and I having been getting it ofr years. Well, me for decades. It has helped my asthma, whiplash from a car accident, plantar faceitis (I don’t know how to spell it but he fixed it), tennis elbow and sore knew from basketball for Avard and I don”t know how many other things over the years. I know he has never said no he couldn;t help it to me. I am glad you went and I hope it is as successful for you as it is for me.

  2. Sorry about your bum. A little bit worried about the ferret riding your car.

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