Dieting Resources and Does Sex Burn Calories?

The Dieter's Guide to Weight Loss During Sex

When I decided to go on a weight reduction regimen, I got lots of information and advice from people around me, virtual and electronic. I found all kinds of wonderful and intriguing things on TV and the even the radio. I’ve been all over the internet and have discovered things that even I could not have imagined. With all this information overwhelming me I decided to go through some of my books; Dr Atkins, Eat Right For Your Type (blood type that is), the Drinking Man’s Diet (a low carb offering because pure alcohol has no carbs), Weight Watcher’s, a bunch of diabetic books and cook books. I wish just reading books could help but you still have to actually do what they say.  Sigh! SIGH BIG TIME!!!! I guess I could use them as weights during exercise and the bigger the better…

Back in the ’70’s I started to collect books that were funny. I still have some like the Harvard Lampoon version of Lord of the Rings called Bored of the Rings. It’s actually hysterical – the Ballhog is still strong in my memory. Oops, I’m off topic again. Oh yeah, I found the Dieter’s Guide to Weight Loss During Sex and its sequels, Dieter’s Guide to Weight Loss Before Sex and Dieter’s Guide to Weight Loss After Sex. Now there’s a book club I would like to start.

Of course you can burn calories and build up aerobic endurance with sex. The books aren’t accurate but they do offer suggestions. Something we hear about when adding exercise to diet in weight loss is to vary your routine.  Think of the multiple benefits! Having fun and seeing results make most weight loss plans work over a long period of time (more than 2 weeks for me) so maybe it’s time to add another dimension. I know there would be more than one smile in this house. But, then I know laughing is also aerobic exercise, so, maybe I can invent a new program for myself where I can incorporate all these options. I’ll try to remember how it went and let you know if it works.  The laughter part, right!!!!!

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    Reviewing my posts from years ago, I truly believe that sex has been underrated for aerobic exercise and weight loss potential.

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