Good Pain, Bad Pain

Sounds like a really bad cop comedy, doesn’t it? Well, I’m sure we all know pain. I’m told that working out will cause pain, “No pain. no gain!” Hmmm. I’ve had my share and once had a bragging contest with a woman over who’s pain was worse.  It was a silly argument and when I look back I was being a pain. Everyone feels their pain in a different way and what may be 1 on my scale may be 9 on for someone else.

I’m working out at the gym for the Biggest Winner and Dana is so wonderful about adapting routines for my hips. I have two artificial hips and am vastly grateful to modern science and medicine. I had osteoarthritis that destroyed both hips right down to the death of the top of my femur in the joint. Bone on bone and pain 24/7. Morphine got me through the day and night.  But that was years ago and now I have metal and ceramic in there and the walker got given away. Some days I miss the walker, it was a handy place to carry groceries, sit when I needed a chair and gave me the most amazing muscles in my arms and neck! You know, all that weight-bearing exercise of supporting my whole body!

Anyways, I have a pain. I’m not sure if it’s tendons or nerves.  I saw the specialist and my hip joints look glorious! But..I have trouble with my left hip. It hurts when I stand up from sitting.  It hurts when I try to use my left leg climbing stairs.  It doesn’t hurt to touch and I if move the joint around a bit it isn’t so bad and walking is OK.  I feel like a complainer.  Oh, wait, I am. Well, after TBW last night I was feeling very good after class and it wasn’t until I tried to get of my car that I couldn’t move my left leg for the pain. I eventually got out and managed to get in the house and take my runners off but stairs looked 50 feet tall.  By the time I got upstairs I was fine.  I guess muscles etc. seized up after my work out. This morning it’s feeling really good. Now I know why you can’t just exercise once a week.  You have to do it consistently and that’s a pain in itself.

There’s the pain of childbirth (good pain) and the screaming pain (bad pain) of a migraine; there’s the chronic pain of fibromyalgia (bad pain) and the pain in my thumb from writing too much (good pain); I’m alive and feeling really wonderful that I have options.  I can do things, I can get better and I have people who don’t think I am too much of a pain. There’s emotional pain and phantom pain but you can’t feel pain if you aren’t alive!  So hug someone today and hand out some flowers. You may the only painkiller that person has today!

Thanks for listening. ;D  Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on February 8, 2012.

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