Taking the First Step for the Umteenth Time

I am so grateful to everyone who has congratulated me on starting my fitness program. You are one of the reasons I will finish this program. Starting is easier than finishing(relatively).  But it is all that time in between that is the hardest.  I did my second class and hurt so much that I had a hard time getting out of my car. I am expected to do this stuff everyday! Even at home!!!! Holy Crap, Batman! Dana is fantastic and adapted quite few of the exercises for my hips and abdomen.  I am a walking wreck! At least I can walk. I’m in love with my big turquoise ball.  Laying over

So freaking liberating!

backward and lifting my left arm to touch my right foot was a wonderful adventure but just being draped over the ball was glorious and relaxing. It is not me in the picture.  I have almost as much ball where my stomach is as what was under my back. We did quite a variety of weights and lifting for biceps, neck, small of back etc. I don’t have any problem with the weights. (Strong like bull, cute like tractor!)

There is only one “too late for me” and that is if you don’t. So even if it is for the umteenth time let’s do it. Thanks for listening! ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on February 3, 2012.

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