Getting My Just Desserts!

Cream Puff

I love teaching a Foods and Nutrition course!  Sometimes I even get more than I deserve.

The course is ending for this semester and the class had to pair up and make a dessert.  The first three made: Cream Puffs with Raspberries, Strawberry Shortcakes and Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches.  Sigh, I think we went into sugar comas but the work the students did was spectacular and delicious.The last groups

Chocolate Chip Cake

made a Chocolate Chip Cake from scratch and Red Hot Oven Fries. They decided to do the fries because their candy apples didn’t turn out. Mmmm  – candy apples.

I love desserts but don’t usually make them unless someone is coming over or I have that screaming urge to bake.  You know, when you just have to have warm oatmeal cookies or devil’s food cupcakes… Admit it, there truly is something comforting about smelling a cake baking.  I said it before – the crave morsels ! I keep Dad’s Chocolate Rings in the Marvin the Martian Cookie jar.  I don’t really like them. If they were Dad’s Chocolate Chip cookies with that little X in the middle I would eat the bag – 350g or 600g. So I don’t tempt myself.

It was really difficult to eat just a taste sample of these amazing goodies my students made. They did fantastic jobs.  The electric beater broke down and hey had to whip cream and frosting by hand.  Talk about a bicep workout!

My Cookie Jar

I got my just desserts and reaped the benefits of five months of classes.  My students can write a recipe, read it , do what it says and make wonderful things with their own hands. They will get their just desserts. too.  And The oven fries..I’m trying them on Sunday for my girls and their partners! Here’s to guilty pleasures with which we reward ourselves!!

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on February 2, 2012.

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