Fit to be Tried!

I need a fitness KITA (kick in the ass).  So, I’m signing up for The Biggest Winner at West Shore Parks and Rec.  Sounds like a bad sitcom and Monday after work it will probably look like one, too. There will be more jiggle than a large-size salsa class. But I need this.  My body needs this. I was told the other night at the free nutrition talk that we would be known as TBW’s for the next 10 weeks. Sounds good to me and it’s far more polite than what I call myself!

The outfit is key to that 2mm waist!

When I looked around the room I felt like I could fit in here – mostly 50+ women with terror in our eyes! We all looked like we could do this and we would not “should” on ourselves but DO it. We were told that the Gym Monkeys and Bunnies were nice and would not judge us on how we looked but would help and support us.  Nice! She told us that they didn’t look that way when THEY started. She also told us not to wear anything that would show our bare tummies, bum cracks and to bend over and see if anything was visible that we didn’t want to share. Oh yeah! No ’70’s-80’s Farrah Fawcett or Jamie Lee Curtis outfits!!!!

I enjoyed the talk. You have to respect a certified trainer who is also a qualified nutritionist and sends you to the internet to research the paleo diet ( and and “Sparkpeople”.  I really liked Sparkpeople (, they have so many resources for all types of people and lifestyle choices.

I liked her humour and thoughtfulness. She knows we will be all gung-ho the first two sessions then will fall into a groove. She told us that we need to let them know when we’re woozy or nauseated or dying…they will take care of us.  It was very reassuring. A couple of people had taken the program before and told us bring a towel, water and a positive outlook.

I will not be a slave to the scale and haven’t really been for a few months, that’s my doctor’s job now. The measuring tape will not judge me, my jeans might, but not the tape. So there.

Well, I’ve written it. It’s on my MasterCard. It’s right after work so it won’t be out of my way. I’m doing it. Unless the sky falls in, I can move and be alive. So be it. Thanks for listening.  ;D  Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on January 29, 2012.

2 Responses to “Fit to be Tried!”

  1. Wooooohoooooooo!!!! Go D Go!!!! cheering you on from the peanut gallery. You can do it!

  2. I am so in awe of you. Congratulations. I am rooting for you all the way.

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