Pushing My Weight Around

It’s hard to be Canadian.  We are sooo nice and polite.  We are reluctant to complain or say anything negative…sort of!  I think I should, I mean WILL start pushing my weight around. And it’s a hefty weight.  It sounds less in kilograms but it is still considerable. I am sometimes the passive/aggressive person but usually the whiny/bitchy person. I am tired of pulling my weight and now it is time to be pushy!

I have sent two meals back to the kitchen in the last two weeks! I do not remember the last time I did this. I ordered a seafood melt and it came with shrimp and fake crab that was all mooshy. I mean way beyond mushy.  It was made with that salad dressing that tastes like Miracle Whip but not quite.  I couldn’t eat it and of course they took it off the bill then gave me a small slice of pumpkin pie, too. The next time was at one of my favourite breakfast places with my BFFs (weird to be calling us 50-something women BFFs) where I ordered the Bennie with the roasted Mediterranean veggies on it. They were almost raw.  I do not like raw eggplant or zucchini (tastes like – nothing). The panfries are glorious but my appetite was off by then.  Yep, came off the bill!  POWER!!!!!

So how can I turn this to my advantage? I have a weight that can be very influential.  What do I want? I want to be healthier.

So, I can physically push my weight around in an exercise forum!  That would work.  I have always believed that I have no problem with osteoporosis, in fact none of the women on my side of the family ever have. Why? Because just getting up every day was great weight-bearing exercise!!!!

I can advocate for support of eating disorders that result in obesity not just anorexia. Compulsive overeating (evereating), bingeing, and body dysmorphia are real for over-thin and over-fat men and women! I can support people going through what I am with my battle and transformation.

I can stand up for myself with myself. I guess I have to look in the mirror everyday and be realistic. I CAN push myself. I WILL push myself.  I may hide and lie to myself periodically but reality and my weight will give me some KITA (kick in the ass) motivation.

So, if you feel I’m being to hard on myself or others, I’m just pushing – not pulling – my weight around.  Thanks for listening. ;D  Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on January 24, 2012.

2 Responses to “Pushing My Weight Around”

  1. I want to share with you one of my dieting tricks.

    I loved Hostess Donuts, so much so that when I buy a package, I eat them all at once.

    So, I thought if I froze them, I’d be forced to eat them more slowly.

    I found out I love frozen donuts!

    And now, I found out I love myself as I am.

    • I love this! I know just what you mean. After my first daughter was born I saw the nutritionist and got lots of recipes. One was for low-calorie high fibre cookies and they were great but only 2 at a time, right! So all the rest into the freezer and, as for you, spectacular right from frozen to my mouth. Now I just don’t make’em. I do like myself more now but my body doesn’t like the weight I am. Thanks for the support and keep in touch!

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