Ever-eating vs Over-eating (Revenge of the Crave Morsels)

I like the idea of coining new phrases. I’ve spoken with a lot of people since I started writing my blog and the term “crave morsels” is very popular.  And, as I sit in my kitchen trying not to go and eat a slice of leftover pizza in the fridge, I believe one of my problems is not over-eating but ever-eating. I’ve had my 3 cups of Saturday morning coffee so I am technically very full. But something in me knows there is an Ali Baba carnivore with feta and a thin multi-grain crust just a-calling in the fridge.  A craving is created just for that morsel.

It is crave morsels that cause the ever-eating. Grazing is light snacking to fill a taste void, but ever-eating is a bit more serious. I will eat to fullness, then in a while, if the craving is still there, I will eat again, even if is just a half an hour. Sigh. I’m working on it. I’m going to go brush my teeth and get dressed right now.

Laura Secord Frosted Mint Crave Morsel

Well… that craving passed but the ever-eating took hold again that night.  What did I want?  Sweet? Salty? Laura Secord Frosted Mint???? I figured out what crave morsel had tempted me..POPCORN!!!!  Norm likes popcorn and I got some nice organic butter popcorn at Shoppers.  I made one package and gave Norm half in a bowl.  I took a handful and left the other half of the pack in the kitchen.  When I wanted more I got up and got another handful – okay the hand was against my body so it was a bit bigger than a “true” handful. But it satisfied the craving.  And we all want our cravings satisfied – don’t we?  Wink, wink, nudge, nudge!

Sunday morning has passed and the there are enough eggnog-oatmeal pancakes for Norm to nuke and eat all week.  I don’t like them nuked so they are a safe food to have in the fridge all week.  They do not get caught up in my foraging or ever-eating.  And they are so filling, three  4-inch pancakes fills me for the morning so I don’t even over-eat with them.

Well, I going to make some stone soup (also known as “clean-the-freezer-of-leftovers” or “third-world “soup) for lunch. it’s a cold, damp and windy day here in Victoria so that should keep the crave morsels and ever-eating at bay for while. But now I have a new thought.  Do leftovers have the same calories if you already counted them before??? Is soup a freebie? Hmmm – I will ponder it.  Thanks for listening.  ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on January 22, 2012.

5 Responses to “Ever-eating vs Over-eating (Revenge of the Crave Morsels)”

  1. Diane, you put into words what so many of us are thinking and struggling with. ‘Attack of the crave morsels’ happens to me at least once every two weeks but I wouldn’t have been able to really explain to someone what they are- so great job describing it!

  2. Popcorn. I really believe that it is a form of torture. Who can stop at one handful? You are made to think that it is a good treat to eat but not if you eat the amount that I care for and who do you know who likes plain popcorn, no butter or salt. I don’t know anyone. AND, I love popcorn so I have to try to keep it at a distance as much as possible.

    • We all have something we shouldn’t even start to eat. There I go shoulding on you, sorry. For me it’s Pringles, cheese flavour. I know I can only have 6 at a time but I would have to literally lock them away if I actually brought them home. Sorry to temp you with the popcorn crave morsels. It must be hell to go to a movie theatre.

  3. […] too bad. I’ve been aware of what kinds of hungry I am. If I reflect before I forage for the crave morsels I don’t usually eat any. I actually have this magnet from Craving Change on my fridge at eye […]

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