So Walking is Good for You???

I spent an hour in the emergency room last night.  Actually it was 3 in the morning but I was there.  My right knee was so much painful I was nauseous. I couldn’t figure out what it was. My doctor will probably just throw up her hands and say I was missing the place because I hadn’t been there in so long.

I didn’t do anything strenuous yesterday or Saturday. I went for breakfast with my friends then I was going to go grocery shopping but since Norm was working I thought I would squeeze in a little walk in at Juan de Fuca.  I really need to keep up my walking. 15 minutes and back in the car. Then grocery shopping was a delight because of the threat of snow.  People in Victoria are terrified of snow and with the sprinkling on Saturday everyone rushed out and bought the extra bread and milk in case it turned like 1994. So, when I was shopping on Sunday, the stores were almost empty and no lines anywhere at the cashiers.

But, around 3pm, while I was putting together a spectacular 4-cheese lasagna, my right leg started to hurt.  By 5 I couldn’t stand on it anymore. I took a couple of coated aspirin but they didn’t do much.  By 7 I was in agony and took a pain pill from my fractured femur incident and it took the edge off.  Norm got me the bag of medicinal peas and I put those on it for while but there was not much difference.  Sigh. I went to bed but could not get comfortable. It hurt so much.  On the 1 to 9 pain scale it was an 8. I took another pain pill but by 2:30am I couldn’t take it anymore and off I went to the Vic General.  They, too, were not busy at 3am on Monday morning and I got a room right away. Patellar tendonitis – extreme. Ice it, stay off it, and take meds (Holy Cow, the really good ones) as needed. I got home, took the pills and I swear I didn’t get up again until 4pm this afternoon. But with more applications of the medicinal peas and the staying off it; I feel 95% better. If I said 100% I would have been exaggerating.

So, you tell me, is the cosmos trying to tell me that I shouldn’t be walking?  Is the world shoulding on me? Personally I think it was karma for making lasagna but I’ll rest my knee and judge it later.  Thanks for listening.  ;D Diane



~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on January 16, 2012.

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