Speed Bumps on the Highway of Life

Yes, that is an overused metaphor but since I talked about forks in the road I thought I could add to that image. I realized today, as I was cleaning the hair out of the shower drain that it isn’t black or brown anymore.  It’s white (Norm’s) or that sweet, artificial ash blond colour (mine). The times they are a-changing. I’m getting older and I need to slow down and think before I do things.

I get carried away and when I am not thinking I can really hit the speed bump too quickly.  We know what happens then.  You  get briefly airborne then thump back to the road and reality.  That’s what it is like in life and aging. I think I’m losing weight well then chocolate attacks me. Mmmmm chocolate truffles. I have to face that my kids are not getting closer to me in age but I’m aging, too.  I’m supposed to have smile lines (AKA wrinkles). I’m supposed to have grey in my hair (it’s the tasteful white at the front and sides and blends well with ash blond, on purpose). I’m expected to have arthritis – ’tis the reumatiz, Norm!

But… I’m also allowed to have pink, red and fuchsia bras as long as they support me as well as my friends and family do. I am allowed to enjoy the ride.  I just have to drive carefully.  I need to avoid the amazing homemade buns, too many truffles and the need to feel 27 again.  I am 57 and I get to define what it means to act my age.  Because…I am the only one who is me at my age. I am working on my weight and my future.  I DO have a future and, according to medical and scientific sources, it will be a long one.  There will be many curves on the way and if when I follow through with my journey I will have new curves that others will have negotiate as well.

Speed bumps are put on roads for a good reason.  They warn us that there are things ahead we need to slow down for: children, pedestrians, curves and life. You shouldn’t avoid the speed bumps, they are there for a reason. I will read the signs and take the road with more care but I will be enjoying the sights, too. Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on January 10, 2012.

One Response to “Speed Bumps on the Highway of Life”

  1. enjoyable and oh so true. I’m about 11 years behind you but its good advice none-the-less! Wish I would have listened to this 21 years ago!

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