Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho! It’s off to work I go…

Yes, today was the first day back to work after more than 15 days off…and it was too soon.  It wasn’t that I slept in everyday, because I only did that on New Year’s day when I, I mean we, did not get to bed until after 3 am(more on that later). I even woke up at 5:30 this morning, but since I had more than 7 hours of sleep I was OK. It isn’t because I don’t like work.  I love the people; the things I do; the feeling I get when there is an “Ah-Ha!” moment; and being part of an amazing team!

It’s…well…I’m missing People’s Court!!!!

It’s one of my “guilt puppies”.  I like court shows.  These are American court shows.  I don’t think we have any in Canada and they probably would be very boring and very polite, with many “sorry”s, apologies and very small awards.  They are definitely a guilty pleasure.  Enough of that.

I’m suffering my first health blip of the new year.  I had some amazing scow bread today (homemade bannock made in a big pan and baked…mmmmm….).  Just a small piece with Davidson’s homemade chicken soup.  But white flour doesn’t like me (or anyone else, really).  I ended up with a knot in my gut where my hernia is. Hernias are adventures in themselves. I have a huge one and my guts are always trying to get out.  DO NOT PICTURE THAT!!! I have had so many repairs that this is one of the reasons I HAVE to lose weight.  I need the huge hole in my abdominal muscle wall sewn up.  My abdominal/weight-loss Doctor wants to Teflon it again.  I could probably use Kevlar instead!  I don’t know if they make Kevlar patches for internal repairs but I like the idea.  I am, after all, legally bionic! I currently have three artificial implants.  I know you are picturing nice, perky boobs but noooooo, don’t go there, either.  I have an artificial lens in my left eye and two, beautiful, state-of-the-art titanium and ceramic hips!  I like being able to see and walk but I cannot fly or see through tall buildings.  Now I need my tummy fixed again but I have, repeat, HAVE to do the prep work.

I had a good holiday with some treats but not too many (my regular Wonder-Doctor will tell me how far off I a really am, tomorrow). I have started the walks in my 60 Walks in Victoria book I gave Norm for Christmas but it was really for me. I didn’t eat the leftover potatoes, meatloaf and gravy from supper tonight. It is a new year and the ends of a couple of roads are in sight. I just have to choose a fork and go for it. (Come on, you have to love the puns and metaphors here!)  This is the work I don’t like but is anything worth it if you don’t work for it?  (Hell, yes, but it doesn’t make for great motivational writing.) Anyways, I’ll do it.

Now, about New Year’s Eve.  It was delightful.  We had a beautiful dinner at Milestones (much smaller than we had planned but lunch at the Loghouse Pub saw to that). We had a table for two by the window overlooking the Inner Harbour of Victoria with the lighted Parliament buildings and the Empress all aglow.  Then we walked around the harbour looking at the decked out sailing boats and yachts docked close by.  We then strolled to the Swiftsure pub for  a couple of periods of hockey and reminiscing about  fun times there in the dating ’70’s.  It was strange to see men over 70 being escorted out because of their inebriation since that used to be people we knew (in the ’70’s).  Then we walked back to our car and noticed that the space in the front of the car said “2011” so I took pictures then as we were getting in the car I noticed that we had actually parked in “2012”.  Cool and the cosmos moves!!!  Then we drove to Tillicum and saw Mission Impossible on the IMAX.  Spectacular but it finished at 1:15am.  We had a quiet drive home (no road blocks and me all sober and everything). We put on the last period of the hockey game (I had PVRed it), drank our champagne, perused the good times, and suddenly it was 3 and we were in bed.  It was a good night!

Happy New Year to all! Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on January 3, 2012.

2 Responses to “Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho! It’s off to work I go…”

  1. Beware of a fork in the road, or knife in the water, or for that matter, any Polish films with subtitles ~ kehlog albran
    do you really have to go through that surgery again?!!

  2. That’s a great picture of the inner harbour. Did you take it? Would you email me a copy?
    When you wrote about your bionic implants I was thinking about argyle… LOL!
    Love the 2011/2012 parking post pics!

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