My Tummy Hurts

Well, it was Boxing Day and Norm and I didn’t have any poor servants or employees to give our leftovers in a box to. Actually we don’t have any Christmas dinner leftovers except for a few sweet potatoes.  Mmmmm – good for you – sweet potatoes.  We were invited, and went to, Shauna’s partner’s (Adam), sister’s (Cindy), place to have dinner with Adam’s family.  [Oh my goodness – I defy the grammar checker to fix or wreck that one!] It was wonderful, but I missed Leanne (and Dustin) and cooking my own turkey.

I didn’t eat very much on the Christmas scale of food intake: 1 piece of dark meat, small spoon of cheesy mashed potatoes, some stuffing, 2 small pieces of broccoli casserole, 4 candied sweet potatoes, a small taste of the brown sugar topped sweet potatoes (yum) and some gravy.  Later there were two desserts that Shauna made.  I only had a very small piece of the candy cane ice cream cake but left the chocolate log.  Besides, Shauna has been making the chocolate log for almost 15 years and I know what it tastes like.  It was all fantastic and I thank the Todds and all their family for sharing Christmas with us.

But, it’s the next day and my tummy hurts. It’s not the normal food-baby hurt.  It’s not the sit-in-the-throne-room-to-fix-it hurt. It’s a little nagging feeling that I forgot something.  I think I need acknowledge the family “guilt puppies”.  I had called my sister on Christmas morning but haven’t talked to either of my brothers. Yet.  And then there’s the thing about the niece and nephew presents.  How old do kids have to be before you don’t send them presents anymore?  17? 20? 25? Sigh….I’ll just keep on sending in the Carey (my maiden name) style – erratic and usually late.  Many, many presents and cards have become New Year’s or Valentine’s things. I now know what my Mom went through many Christmases away from her family when my Dad and our family were posted all over Canada.  I miss my family and not having dinner at my house was hard on me this year.

And..I have been beginning to think about New Year’s resolutions.  You know, those things you hit yourself over the head with.  Intentions – yeah, they’re the culprits.  They’re like shoulding on yourself but they bop you when you don’t follow through.  Maybe that’s why my tummy hurts.  I’m shoulding on myself with the intention to not make any resolutions.  But…if I write something here it’s just as good as an “intended resolution” also known as a potential litter of “guilt puppies”.

Enough for now, I’ll go have a couple of cold sweet potatoes (they’re a vegetable so the guilt factor is low even with the butter and brown sugar). Thanks for listening.  ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on December 27, 2011.

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