Butter Tarted or Matronized

Isn’t it interesting that we we use the term “tart” to describe a woman of loose morals.  Leanne and I made butter tarts the other day. I’ve been amazing at not eating them but I have had three in as many days.  I’m feeling “tarted up”. I actually woke up this morning with the taste of butter tarts and carmel corn in my mouth. This cannot be a good thing. I need to make some kickin’ coffee and focus on the concept of protein for breakfast – not sugar!

Mmmmm butter tarts mmmmmm

I did get two new shirts for my holiday window dressing and only one is slightly tarty. Actually it’s a very sophisticated, 3/4 sleeve, dark royal (yes, I allow myself royal things for special occasions) blue, wrap top with an understated black jewelled buckle at the hip.  Very chi-chi (pronounced shee shee) and flattering.  It does have a daring decolletage, so I’ll have to be careful not to bend over at the waist (too much) and share my matronly cleavage. I also bought (50% off the last price) a classic style matron shirt. It’s a pale gold with a tasteful faux necklace, which can be removed and actually goes with some new earrings I have. It buttons up the front and has a standard long sleeves, cuffs and collar. It’s the fabric which makes it festive-approved. It’s a shimmery (not sparkly) pale gold with an almost wrinkled texture.  I can sit around eating and drinking all day and it will look great – even if I don’t!  They are a bit more matronly than tarty but then again I am  MATURE (I never thought I would say that about myself – it is subjective, I guess).

I also got my Avon order last night.  Yes, I do buy buy Avon products sometimes.  My sister-in-law, Dorothy, is selling it now and there are some things I really like from them.  I did splurge and bought a couple of things just for me: new lip gloss (two shades – pale, innocent pink and sexy bronze for my many moods), and silver eyeliner.  Sigh, my eyelashes are thinner now so I use eyeliner and black is just too Liz Taylor (for those of younger than my demographic insert Amy Winehouse here).  But it is part of tarting it up. My body is going through many changes as I lose weight and age.  I remember my doctor telling me when I was starting menopause that I was at “THAT” age. The age of laugh lines (wrinkles), bloating (midsection spread), rogue chin hairs (really just roving eyebrow hairs and we pluck our eyebrows, right?) and the grumps (moodiness – yes, moodiness, kind of like that old PMS thing).

There’s a big difference between Avon and Sephora but they have the same result – more eye makeup. So, like my Christmas tree, I’m getting tarted up for going out and having guests in. I made the tarts, bought new clothes and make-up, wrapped the presents and started cleaning off the dining room table (and THAT’S commitment).  Today Shauna and I are dropping donations off at Sandy Merriman House  and a pretty little Christmas tree at the Grandparents grave. I have a little dog to go the hospital (I was in there last year at Christmas and it’s a very sad place). and we’ll do lunch (protein not carbs).  It is the season and we have so much.

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on December 23, 2011.

4 Responses to “Butter Tarted or Matronized”

  1. Great post! Merry Christmas D!

  2. Thanks, Caroline. Much cheer to you, Sara and the whole gang at your house! Merry Christams!

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