Is a Mall Mile Real Exercise?

Beaching at Bowser

Well, I had a spectacular walk on the beach at Esquimalt Lagoon yesterday.  It was mild but the wind off the water was cold. It hardly looks like I limp when I’m walking in sand.

So, I pose this question, is walking for an hour in a mall exercise, too?  I know there are actually Mall Walkers but they are usually over 70 and wear velcro running shoes.  It’s coming, isn’t it.  A long time ago I figured I could walk a mile in 15 minutes. So, if I’m actually walking for at least 15 minutes of the hour at the mall it could be exercise.  Couldn’t it?

Tonight, I doing the pre-Christmas walk at Butchart’s Garden. This one I really look forward to. The last time I did it I had two canes and it was trying to snow. It’s supposed to be 8 C today but down to 2 C tonight.  I’ll bring gloves and a hat.  And my camera.  And Norm!

I guess it’s time to start wearing the pedometer again. Why do I hate exercise? Dancing, yeah, that sounds fun! Dancing! As long as they don’t give me a complicated step routine or expect me to follow a 100lb aerobic Barbie! I can never keep up and feel silly if I miss or can’t remember the next step. Step – brush – brush – brush – step behind – step behind – jazz hands! I liked the exercise with the bokken. It’s a Japanese wooden sword but it did come with sets of katas (martial arts moves where you kill your opponent – I really liked that). It is very hard to memorize a set of moves – not so hard to walk from Winners to Fairways or from the Bay to Le Chateau.

I’ll do the Christmas lights and hold hands with Norm.  Thanks for listening, ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on December 20, 2011.

2 Responses to “Is a Mall Mile Real Exercise?”

  1. Hey I was on that same beach yesterday morning! But I walked from Albert Head lagoon to Esquimalt Lagoon, so that’s probably why we didn’t cross paths.
    I WAS limping by the time I finished my walk, but I found a good walking stick on the beach and that helped a lot.
    Beautiful weather wasn’t it?
    Happy mall walking!

  2. It is glorious, indeed! Tonight I will bring my cane, just in case. 10 C right now!!!!

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