Fighting the Christmas “Crave Morsels”

I am fighting the Christmas “Crave Morsels”.  I woke up with a craving for  tourtière. I think I actually dreamed about making little tourtiere tarts. Sigh.T’is the season for holiday foods.  Does anyone remember “satin mix” with ribbon candy and the little pink clove ones? (Insert craving here.)

Ribbon Candy

I thought I had a couple of helpful strategies like buying the bag’o’nuts so we had to work for the little things and not buying anything else.  The nuts are working for Norm but he bought two boxes of Pot of Gold chocolates.  Not one but TWO!!!! He said it was a holiday tradition. I guess it’s the Dutch in him. Good news and bad news: the chocolates are smaller, fewer and not like they used to be; bad news: they are chocolate..mmmmmm.  They are made by Hershey’s now. Things change but the cravings are the same.

Cheese and sausage; mandarine oranges; Terry’s chocolate oranges, real shortbread, sugar cookies, eggnog (w and w/o spiced rum); mimosas and cinnamon buns on Christmas morning; nanaimo bars; and Shauna’s Christmas Crack (candy made of white chocolate and Golden Grahams cereal); these are a few of my favourite things.  I think I actually had to wipe drool off the keyboard.  I’m going to cut up a crap load (metric measurement) of veggies and make some Uncle Dan’s dip with yoghurt and while I’m foraging I can eat them.  Or crochet.  Yeah, keep my hands busy with something that would get greasy or stained if my hands were covered with food.  I’ll have enough scarves to give to everyone next year if I can get through this year.

Enough for now.  I will go while I have visions of sugar plums dancing in my head.  MMMmmm…dates stuffed with cashews and dipped in dark chocolate.  I miss you Mom!

Thanks for listening.;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on December 17, 2011.

4 Responses to “Fighting the Christmas “Crave Morsels””

  1. I Remember satin mix too 🙂 My mom would put it out in bowls around our house at Christmas time. I’m with ya in your blog this morning. I’m worried about the holiday season too because I tend to snack on everything with the justification that it’s only available and around at Christmas lol. Good luck D 🙂

  2. Yes I remember satin mi. Am I aging myself? You are doing a better job of resisting that I am managing this year.

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