Bon Jovi Road Music

I ran out of books on CD’s for my drives to work this week so I’ve been listening to radio and those popular singers doing covers of really good (and bad) Christmas songs.  Then every once in a while a real driving song comes on. I live about 45 minutes from where I work and have been listening to talking books on the stereo and enjoying the scenery every morning and afternoon.  I feel righteous for reading (sort of) and avoiding the angst of road rage in the Colwood Crawl. But yesterday this song came on and I had to crank up the volume and sing my heart out.  I’m a little glad that it wasn’t summer because I’m sure someone would have thought some weird siren was wailing if I had the roof open.

It is truly liberating to sing with the stereo in your car!  Everyone should have a list of driving songs that gets them from A to B.  A play list, a road-trip CD, even a mix driving tape (yes, some people still have old cars and decks – Norm!!!) There are some songs that soothe when you’re standing still in the Thetis hold-up but I know I need some ripping tunes to belt out and get my pedal to the metal.  Not too fast, because that would be bad, but liberating!!!!!

Enjoy. I know it’s supposed to be the season for carols and Christmas songs but… turn up the volume! Because it’s my life.   Thanks for listening. ;D Diane


~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on December 15, 2011.

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