Poutine and the Casino vs the “Crave Morsels”

Well, I saw my Dr. today and all is well with me.  I’m down 2k and my blood pressure is glorious!  I am having a flareup of arthritis and my ring size is now the same as my feet – 11!  I love my Dr. and she has been telling me to get out more.  And it’s great advice.

If I’m out of the house I cannot go “cabinet foraging”, eating a taste of everything to try and quell the craving for that morsel that is driving me nuts.  These morsels may be anything of the moment – chips (Michelle, there are NONE in the house), chocolate, peanut butter toast, hot chocolate, chocolate chips, a good stiff Jameson’s on ice with the water barely passed over it…..  The “Crave Morsels”, as I will name them, sometimes don’t even identify themselves so it used to mean I HAD to try a little of everything to find out what I was really craving.  But they are never fruit, carrot sticks or beef jerky.  But I’m doing better by buying things that are not easily foraged.  I buy things I don’t like: anything liquorice, plastic cheese, anything that needs cooking, maple flavoured cookies and if it has to be chips – ketchup flavour – eewww!!!!

Old Dutch Ketchup Guy!

Anyways, Norm and I went out tonight.  It supposed to be just the casino because we had coupons for slot play and a key for a chance at $8000.  But, we went to dinner first.  I still cannot eat much at a sitting so it’s not as bad as it sounds.  I usually come home with enough for snacks and lunch the next day. Tonight we went to White Spot!  An old-fashioned Triple O burger was more than a Craving Morsel.  So I ordered the burger and the kicker was they had an offer of making your fries into “Baked Potato Inspired Poutine”! Guess what I did?  Yep!  I only got through two fork-fulls and they were spectacular: fries, white cheese curds, bacon, sour cream, gravy and green onions (on one uses chives anymore – so sad, but I digress).  I could only manage Half the burger, too and it was just like I remembered.  We took the rest home.  But first, the casino.

We walked in and the place was crawling with people with white hair!  I felt positively YOUNG!  Norm, not so much.  We got our key and Norm went to cash in his voucher for slots. That line was half way ‘cross the casino floor.  Some little band was setting up to play at 7:30 but we were not going to stay for that.  I figured I got my mile and half walking in looking for Norm on his “special” machine.  Well, we started out with $40.00 cash and ended up with over $70.  Norm did i,t not me.  But it paid for supper.  And we got out of the house.

It’s later now and I’m still full.  Just the thought of ketchup chips is enough to keep me from foraging before sleeping.  Thanks for listening. ;D  Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on December 7, 2011.

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