Stalled in the Fat Lane!

There is so much talk on the radio this morning about weight and diet! “Is 14 too young to be on a diet?” and “Larger women have larger babies.”  And the whole too much or not enough salt in our diet.  Diet! Diet! Diet! Sigh!  Why are we so obsessed with our looks and weight rather than our health and quality of life?  Our diet is what we eat.  Are you on a vegetarian diet or a weight loss diet or….

Diet is a 4-letter word, now. The questions should be: Are you eating to grow right?  Are you getting your required nutrients and protecting yourself for your future? Are you hungry? And the best one of all, “Do you like yourself?”

It’s a great question and YOU have to answer it before considering how others see you.  YOU have to base your choices on this because you CAN choose how you answer.  Are you going to lie to yourself? I have been lying to myself off and on since I was 10 years old.  I have a mild form of BDD (I love jargon and technical/medical excuses), Body Dysmorphic Disorder.  I’m also, probably; ADD, FASD and FUaI. (Attention Deficit Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, and F’d Up and Insane!)

Back to BDD – I have a very difficult time seeing myself as I truly am.  Most people with Body Dsymorphia are diagnosed anorexic women.  They see themselves as fat even when they weigh 89 lbs. I am morbidly obese (still, but moving towards just obese) and when I catch a glimpse of myself I see myself as much slimmer that I actually am. Maybe not a bad thing but a subconscious lie and not a future projection (oh-OH! the white coats are going to come and get me!!!!).  Am I lying? The transcendentals would encourage me to visualize the way I want to be and I will BE.  It doesn’t seem to be working so I believe I am lying – to MYSELF.

I am going to see my Doctor this morning.  I you read my post “Stuck in the Fast lane” you’ll understand why this is step forward. Or at least a step.  I’ll be back in a few hours and let you know how I did.

How I would like to be!

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on November 23, 2011.

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