Ol’ factory Memory!

Life stinks! One of the hardest things when you are trying to lose weight is smells.  I attended a program once for adult children of alcoholics and we were asked to regress to the safest place in the home that we had in our childhood. Being a Navy Brat, I moved a lot, so, I didn’t have a safe place but I did have a safe smell…popcorn.  I was just now sitting in my living room reading a great book, when I breathed deeply and the smell from the supper I had made this evening made me stop.  It was glorious! Egyptian-spiced pork tenderloin, garlic smashed potatoes and eventually blueberry pyrogies.  Yep, I know where you can get blueberry  pyrogies.

Certain smells trigger emotions and memories.  I’m sure there are 5000 scientists somewhere that have published studies about olfactory imprints.  Babies can recognize the smell of their Moms before they are born.  The smell of burnt toast can trigger a migraine. Popcorn makes me feel safe and loved.  Well, the smell of it can. So I eat lots of it. Not theatre popcorn but home popped, like my Mom did, in a pot, with a lid, then in a big white plastic bowl with melted margarine and salt on it. Sigh.

My supper tonight made me feel proud and very safe.  Both my daughters and their partners came for supper tonight. They were willing to try the blueberry pyrogies. But, I also made bread.  Do you remember what the smell of fresh baked bread did to you?  If I smell it, I want it.  Adam came into our house saying, “It smells great. Is that garlic and…?”  I said, “Bread?” He nodded, it was only one loaf from a mix from our summer road trip.  It was called Scarborough Fair. Yes, herb yeast bread, it was!

Certain smells make us salivate.  For someone trying to lose weight, smells are almost as difficult to deal with as the actual food we eat.  Shauna used to complain about leaving the house on a weekend because she smelled like pancakes… this from a woman who now wears a perfume called “Sugar” and she smells like cotton candy.

So, I have a huge emotional olfactory memory. What does a school smell like? What do you remember? What does the smell of gently sautéed garlic bring to your mind and drooling factor? Can you walk by the smell of cinnamon buns? I love cinnamon gum.  Why?  I love the smell. I love the smell of hamburger browning with a little onion and garlic. I even read once that smells can trigger an insulin reation and weight gain. Oh, my goodness, someone is cooking something and it is driving crazy.

Sigh, I can’t lose.. literally.

Thanks for listening!   ;D     Diane


Really great with Cool WHHHip or Vanilla Yogurt.

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on November 21, 2011.

3 Responses to “Ol’ factory Memory!”

  1. WHHHHip!

  2. LOL! I personally preferred the vanilla yog – hurt!

  3. I am with you girl I have only been able to lose five pounds in the last year. YES in a year. It seems to be a mission if not impossible extremely slow. Lynn

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