Things Before You Go!

I truly do not like the term “Bucket List”.  I like the concept.  These lists are life goals.  They are dreams made into things you can share and do before you leave this earth – before you go. I don’t have lot on my list. I’ve been lucky and determined enough to have already done most of the things on my “Before I Go List”.  The reason I’m writing about this was what I saw on the beach in Tofino yesterday.

Amazing Women on Long Beach - Nov. 11, 2011

Norm and I dressed in our storm-watching gear to walk on the beach and there they were.  Three women.  They looked like a mom and her two daughters.  They were in bathing suits and had just come out of the ocean.  It’s cold in there at this time of year – the surfers wear dry suits. Even dogs don’t stay in too long when they are chasing their sticks.  They asked me take their picture to commemorate the event.  Swimming in the Pacific Ocean at Lon Beach, BC in November on Remembrance Day! I took their picture and asked if it was on their list and they said “Yes!” and high-tailed it back to their room to get warm.  I’m suspecting Bailey’s in the coffee.

What’s on your list?  I’ve had many lists.  I write them on paper not stone.  There are no deadlines. They change as life moves along and adapt to my situations.  Norm doesn’t write his down.  Sometimes they are minute to minute.  I’ve published a book – it was an “Introduction To Macintosh” manual but it WAS published.  Now I want to publish a “slim volume” of poetry.  Tee hee hee. I’ve been to Mayan pyramids and the Egyptian ones are still on my list.  I’ve been on three oceans and a variety of modes of transportation – boats, planes, helicopter, horse, car, truck, dogsled…. I’ve got my two dream cars.  I still own the very first car I ever bought with my own money – a ’66 Plymouth Barracuda in Cayman green. It’s Norm’s hobby car to work on but I own it, and my 2007 Eclipse in Sunset Pearlescent.  It is my midlife adjustment car!  They both turn heads – more so than most Porsches. I’m doing one of things on my list right now.  Writing!  Sharing! Watching and commenting on the world from my small sphere.

I’m getting skinnier. I have two beautiful daughters and I never planned on having kids.  I have a man that I chose to marry 34 1/2 years ago and will willingly spend 35 more with.  When we sit on the beach and watch the sun set over the ocean it truly does not get any better that that.

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on November 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “Things Before You Go!”

  1. Beautiful. I hope we get to do the storm watch stay as well We’ve been married 40 years and I’ve never met anyone I’d trade him in for. I’d like us to make a memory of that glorious sunset…. Hopefully ,this month ….

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