Ah! The Weekend!

Well, it’s Saturday morning and I managed to sleep in ’til 6:30am. That’s actually late for me.  I’ve been waking up at 5am for the last week or so. I must not be getting enough exercise. I’ve tried staying up and have finished a couple of books but I still wake up early and with my well trained bladder, it means getting up. Then I’m fully awake and can’t get back to sleep.  I can’t just lay in bed.  I’ve tried.  I need or book or something or….

I’ve got a few things to do this weekend.  It’s the weekend before Halloween so there will the searching out of the costume parts.  I’m not telling anyone except Norm what I’m dressing up as and he already thinks it’s not that great.  Hell, I’ll be comfortable!  I’ve been some fun things over the last few years.  It’s liberating to work in a place that encourages dressing up.  Two years ago I was Victoria’s Largest Secret!  I had the beautiful feather wings but you would never see me in any catalogue!  I’ve been a cereal killer – normal street clothes(because we all look like your next door neighbour) but Cheerios in one pocket and a gun in the other (insert maniacal laughter here).  The best was 2009 when I was Miss Langford 1984!  That was the year that Leanne was born so – blonde side pony with a scrunchie, Metallica Sweat shirt with the sleeves and neck rib cut off, leggings (way too tight), dirty, unlaced runners, leg-warmers, black eye, pregnant, plastic tiara and Lucky Beer can!  I won!!!!!!  But my personal favourite is Gladys Farthington – Sword Matron!  It’s fun dressing up and not being made fun of.

The pumpkins are in the basement for the girls and their partners to carve on Sunday. It’s a family tradition.  I’ll have a big pot of chili and they will carve them like when they were little.  They are in the back side of their 20’s now but they still treasure it.  I have 5 little volunteer pumpkins in the garden, too, but they are still pretty green  I think I’ll make them follow the “Thing” theme.

Norm has bought all the goodies for the kids.  We get close to 100 every year but that may be because he gives out cans of pop and chocolate.  Sigh, there will be a pile of wired adolescents in our neighbourhood. I truly believe that people truck kids into our neighbourhood. It’s a pretty concentrated middle-class suburb.

Sigh, the weekend, the time to do the chores, laundry, shopping, and catch up on pvr’d stuff.  But, as the sun rises and the light shines into our valley, I can see it is actually going to be a beautiful day.  The alders are flaming yellow, the fog is lifting over Humpback and the permanent humming birds are filling up at our feeder.  It will be there all winter. So, I’m sitting here with Norm, we’re drinking coffee and sharing the stories in the paper and it will be a glorious weekend.  Enjoy!  ;D

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on October 29, 2011.

2 Responses to “Ah! The Weekend!”

  1. Cool blogpost if you ask me. Thnx for sharing this information. By the way, why don’t you change the logo?
    Well, at least to something like this phone jamming website has.

  2. Yep . right on . this farmers wife saves ALL seed not just pukmipn this years plantings watermelon, honeydew melon, rockmelon, 3 kinds of cucumber, balinese corn all planted from generations of seeds saved over the last 12 years. Only seed from the strongest, biggest plants is saved. The rest of our veges come up from seed that falls naturally into the soil this is the best seed bank ..as all the lettuces and herbs and aisan greens come up when they are ready . Beats me why anyone is hungry. Problem started when food became a commodity and the greedy people genetically modified plants so the seeds became infertile. My idea is this . SEED BOMBS . little bundles of seeds and bits of ginger and tumeric and garlic and potatos . with cow poo . wrapped in banana leaves Droppped in every vacant bit of land . in parks traffic islands schools office gardens villiages rubbish tips deserted farms . And start a GREEN WAR. (ps . last year we picked 28o pukmipns 4 varieties and that’s just what grew out of the compost !!) Oh and to complete this rave a quote from one of my favourite/inspiring heros Bill Mollison founder of PERMACULTURE While the problems of the world become increasingly complex the solutions remain embarrasingly simple. om. x

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