Guilt Puppies!

Guilt is one of the finest motivators in the world.  My Mom was a true martyr.  She probably had a few guilt puppies of her own given to her by her Mom (Nana) and her family.  I know my sister, brothers and I probably gave a couple back, too.  But she gave me great guilt puppies.  I call them guilt puppies because we feed them, nurture them, clean up after them and have a lot of fun (?) with our guilts!  I remember a poster from the 70’s where one quote said, “My Mom gave me a guilt complex.” then another quote said, ” If I buy the wool would she give one to me, too?”  My Mom was a great knitter!

I bet there isn’t a person out there (non-psychopaths please apply) that doesn’t have some kind of guilt over something. I loved my Mom, she’s gone now, and she sacrificed so much for us kids that I feel guilty for some of it.  Ok, a lot of it. She used to tell us she never swore until she had kids.  I’m sorry for that. She said she stayed with Dad for the sake of us kids.  I feel a lot of guilt over that one.  Her mother told her she had made her bed so she had to lie in it.  She eventually changed the sheets!!!!  But my parents loved each other and had a great passion together!  You should have been there when the fleet came home. But sometimes I think they liked each other better after the divorce.

I still have a few of those guilt puppies running around in my head.  I should have phoned Mom, more!  I need to talk to siblings more often.  I need to send presents back east at least near birthdays and Christmas (I actually think that one is genetic, just ask any of my family!)  Then there are the ones I have about how I am with my own girls and Norm. They are fantastic and I sometimes forget to tell them (my puppy) but I know they feel they take advantage (their puppies) but love is what it is all about.

So, if it’s a guilt puppy that motivates us to call our family, take someone to lunch, donate a few bras, or play ball with the neighbour’s dog – then a guilt puppy is a good thing!  Remember to feed your puppy! ;D

My guilt puppy

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on October 25, 2011.

5 Responses to “Guilt Puppies!”

  1. Make no mistake, my guilt puppies want their pound of flesh. One is gnawing on my leg as I type. Wild wolves raised indoors, they are like tigers with claws and teeth removed. Unnatural, confined, and more than a little squirrelly! They piss on all the stuff I want, leave their scat all over the house for me to trip over, tear up my news stories and jump on the table for scraps. If I tried to keep up with their demands I would never ever rest. If I ignore them carefully for a while, try not to disturb them, they might curl up in a corner somewhere and take a snooze. But then the phone rings, there’s someone at the door, the mailman drops flyers in the mailbox. All my puppies are smashed up against the glass, slathering and snarling to get at this new source of excitement. I should really just let them go, take them up north where there’s wide open wilderness and no people to shoot them. Maybe I’ll go next week. But first I should call my mother.

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  3. Good page and incredibly informative. Thanks for taking the time to write it and post it!

  4. hi to all on here
    b cliftons xxx

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