Happy Hump Day!

I hate calling Wednesday, Humpday.  I come from an age where the word “hump” had colourful meanings.  Do the guys mark this day on the calendar because they’ll get some?  Is this the day we celebrate Quasimoto? Was it up hill for Monday and Tuesday and it’s downhill (bad) or coasting (good) until the weekend.  Happy Humpday!!!!!

Wednesdays are now my day off.  Work two days, get a day off, work two days and get two days off.  It’s a weird rhythm but I do get great grocery shopping done.  I need to read the grocery flyers so I can shop informed and cheaper. Yeah, right!  Just buy the things on the list!  It’s an eclectic list including juice boxes, balsamic vinegar, TP and face wash!  I guess I should get some veggies, too, but my fridge has homegrown lettuce and tomatoes in it.  I also have a plethora (great word) of carrots and onions.  Got me some cruciferous cabbage and broccoli, too.  I guess I’ll manage.  I do get Lunch with Shauna!!!!!

Love y’all but I’m still on the fence about myself.

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on October 19, 2011.

One Response to “Happy Hump Day!”

  1. Cruciferous is a cool word.

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