Lying On My Diet

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Lying has two meanings. I could be reclining like lying on my bed or I could be telling an untruth. What do you think? If I’m telling an untruth, who am I lying to? You? Me? The world? And…would it matter?

Lieing on diet TC 11-04-15

Of course it would! Every time I lie, I’m cheating myself. No lie!

Truth: I’ve been neglecting my blog for the last 8 weeks.

Truth: I’m pleading stress and health matters – no lies.
I have stress from work, Shauna’s cancer, my cancer, family worries, weight management or lack of…and on top of it all I got a nasty cold-like virus.

Truth: I’m off all of my diets.

Truth: I feel guilty.

Truth: I have been making excuses and the excuses are valid but most are just that, excuses not motivators to go off the track but outcomes from letting go.

I thought just eating whatever I wanted to would make me feel better. The thought was true but the truth is a lie. Guilt, fat and illness do not make one feel better. I sure don’t feel better. But the cold did make me take care of myself and I’m feeling a bit better today than I did yesterday. Oh yeah, I can smell and taste things, too!

Truth: Not being able to smell or taste does make you think twice about indulging in lots of foods because what’s the point if you can’t enjoy them!!!

Okay, enough of the truth. I feel like crap and I’m going to admit to myself and anyone reading that I truly don’t know if the following is a lie or the truth.

Truth or Lie: I will eat healthier this week because I want to get back on track and schedule. I want to be healthier and not just chicken soup healthy, but veggie, low-carb healthy. I can and will do this.

Thanks for listening.   ;D  Diane

PS: I’m a teacher and that’s where I got my new pet!




How You Can Tell It’s January!

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There are more ways than looking at a calendar to tell that it is January!

Times-Colonist Dec 26, 2015

  1. The beginning of the “Diet Season” – January!
    – My blog post hits are spiking over the moon for the “Fat Flush Diet – Even Dr Oz Says It Works” . This means that I admit that I, too, have started my standard “No White Food Diet”. It’s the low bad-carb diet. All the fruit and veggies I want as well as all the meat and cheese, too, and…real Greek yogurt, the stuff with fat in it.
    Of course we have to finish all the “Goodies” in the house and the high calorie wines, FIRST!
  2. The hopeful making of New Year’s Resolutions.
    – I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions any more but many, many of those around me do. Then, within 32 days (they usually last the month out) they break them.
    Diet on Monday
  3. Committing to exercise.
    – I have to admit that this is the most difficult thing for me to do. Just walking is the easiest and I have all the equipment I need: plain cane; carved cane; beautiful walking poles and a walking partner. Sigh, a couple of times I’ve been out and felt great but sore later. Yep, I am still getting back into the shape I was 12 years ago before the replacement of two hips; one shoulder and a knee. Exercise has always been dangerous and painful. A fall in the Biggest Winner program dislodged a screw in my hip and it needed re-replacing(revision). But, theoretically, I’m good to go now.

    Exercise Block

    This might actually get me to commit!

  4. The review of your/my/the past.
    – January is indeed the time: TV, News, Facebook etc. review what has happened in the last year and often the entire past. They/we look for the good things and often the bad pop up, too. But in reflection we learn that event the worst, no-good, very bad things have given us good things. Good things like: knowledge (so we don’t do THAT again); confidence (if I did this once I can fix it and do it right); support (incredible caring feedback and offers from many friends, family and acquaintances); and love (I have so much love given to me, I am surrounded in a protective cushion of it everyday)!

These are four of the ways I know it’s January. I know it’s the start of a new measurement of the new year and my life. The days are starting to get longer and I’m thinking of the future. I won’t need a measuring tape to record the successes, blessings and laughs I will count from now until the the end 2016, and the month is not even half over.

Thanks for listening and there is more to come.  ;D  Diane

Happy Almost New Year

•December 31, 2015 • 4 Comments

I haven’t posted a blog entry in over a month and I have to do this before midnight Pacific Daylight Savings Time. A lot has happened in last while and I know I’m not reacting well to it as it puts mortality in the realm of reality. Set scale back

I get two weeks off for Christmas break so I do a lot of shopping, cooking, eating and lots of sitting around. I made my turkey for our family on the 25th and tomorrow will do the ham. We’ve had all kinds of traditional treats, too: chocolates, tarts (mincemeat and butter), shortbread, tiny gingerbread cookies, nuts (some visit, too), smoked salmon, crackers, cheeses, sausage, etc. and most of these are on the coffee table. Sigh, I’m not very good at walking past food that’s right there to eat, so I eat it. My diet is out the window!

But the hardest part has been dealing with the news we got three weeks ago. My oldest daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has now had a lumpectomy and looks forward to radiation (I’m joking) when we get all the pathology results. Then two weeks ago today, I was diagnosed with stage 2 uterine cancer. It’s a common one in women of my age (that’s really not a fair label, and I’m tired of hearing it, but it is so true). I will need a hysterectomy and then I will be completely cured. Sigh. We were not expecting crap like this. But we are a strong family and have amazing friends and relatives. My youngest daughter has been so there for me/us and Norm is our backbone and servant.

Lets-make-a-beautiful-world.-Happy-New-YearSo, we are learning how to live normal lives with chaos and to accept the love, help and prayers of those around us. This will be a great way to end 2015 and 2016 will be a year full of positives and good things. I think I’ll even follow the eat healthyish diet. More on that next year!

Thanks for listening.  ;D  Diane

A New Guilt Puppy

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I have guilt puppies that follow me everywhere. I know guilt is in my head and these puppies know it, too. I feel very guilty for not writing a post for my blog even though I have been experiencing a lot of stuff in the last few weeks. I’m blaming it on the fact that the battery in my scale died!

"You have to do this or I will feel bad forever!"

“You have to do this or I will feel bad forever!”

I stepped on a scale at work and it showed that I had lost 7lbs since the last time I was weighed. Sigh, good start! I need to lose 6 more to feel fantastic.

  • “I had to grow to love my body. I did not have a good self-image at first. Finally it occurred to me, I’m either going to love me or hate me. And I chose to love myself. Then everything kind of sprung from there. Things that I thought weren’t attractive became sexy. Confidence makes you sexy.” –Queen Latifah

I need to finish this post so I can lessen my guilt and put a battery in my scale. Numbers don’t lie – do they?

Thanks for listening.  ;D  Diane

Up Your Water Intake – No Calories

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Everything freeThanks for listening! Laughter is good for you!  ;D  Diane

Foolproof Diets

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Beware of foolproof diets. They may knock the pounds off in the short term but scientific research, and personal experience shows that it does not last and you may actually put more back on than you lost!

Use the Canada Food Guide and eat a portioned balanced diet for your body!

Have fun!

14 day dietThanks for listening!  ;D Diane

The Passage of Time and Cheesecake

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It has been a while since I posted anything on my blog and a lot has happened since my last posting. I have lost a couple of pounds but that’s been very difficult with Thanksgiving, my birthday and bunch of celebrating with friends from near (Saanich and Sidney) and far (Calgary and Hope).

Yep! Canada Place in the background!

Yep! Canada Place in the background!

I started an on-line course with the University of BC and now I have homework. I also have been chosen to give a workshop(twice) on adult learning for a First Nations educational conference in Vancouver. I love this conference because I get to see people from all over the province and sometimes from all over the world and the hotel is right on the harbour.

It all started the week of the 2nd of October. Norm and I started to thoroughly clean our house and set up for 3 people to stay with us. !0 of us were getting together to celebrate a wedding anniversary, birthdays and grandchild births. I think I dusted things in our wall unit that hadn’t been dusted since last Christmas. The house looked great we had enough beds to sleep 6 comfortably, but I think our daughter, who had to sleep in her very old bedroom, would disagree with me but she was only here for one night. Five people came from out of town and three stayed with us and it was like having old friends over for a sleepover. Oh wait, it was old friends over for a sleepover. My stomach started to hurt on the Tuesday and by Wednesday I hurt a lot and slept for quite a while. I phoned in sick Thursday morning, put stew in the slow cooker and went back to bed with my stomach in a binder to hold my guts in. For those of you who may be new to my never-ending tale of body issues, I have a huge abdominal hernia that sometimes gets annoying with small (or big) blockages. This wasn’t a “emergency” situation and as my normal body functions were still happening, I just sucked it up – in I mean.

Mine doesn't make me look this good but I feel it!

Mine doesn’t make me look this good but I felt it!

By 7:30 pm we were all in the living room enjoying stew (I was drinking lots of water, no buns and a tiny bit of stew, no meat) and enjoying catching up on tales of traveling and grandchildren. Much beer and wine was consumed but not by me and I went to bed early.  I felt much better in the morning but kept the binder on.

Friday was when the 10 of us friends (41 years+) were getting together for a traditional turkey dinner.The turkey got stuffed, potatoes (6 pounds) got peeled, squash got sliced and lots got prepared. Others were bringing salad, veggies and fruit platters and for dessert we were promised a B52 cheesecake.

Well, there ended up being 15 of us, 16 if you count the 4 week-old, new granddaughter. Food disappeared with lots of smiles and I believe the only dinner left over were some veggies (cauliflower and I don’t like cauliflower) and gravy. Dessert was brought out and the birthday (Rick and mine) cheesecake was 16 inches wide. OMG! There was even a 9 x 13 pan of apple crisp for non-milkatarians with whipped coconut cream! coconut whipped creamWe celebrated the births of Aryia (Wendy’s granddaughter) and Avard (Lynn’s grandson). I still have B52 cheesecake and apple crisp in the freezer. I had been given a seemingly infinite supply of wine as a birthday present, so much was consumed. Turkey was stripped and soup started. Early bedtime was midnight.

Saturday night was another celebration, we went to a wonderful Chinese buffet to celebrate Dave and Randi’s 25 wedding anniversary. Then the whole bunch of us went downtown for a Ghost Walk of Victoria. So much food but the hour and a half walk helped, then we went back to my house where I crashed big time. Sunday, Rick and Karla had to leave so it was blueberry pancake day. And ask Lynn about the turkey soup. It sure felt good in my tummy. Monday is the official day off for Thanksgiving and it was also my birthday so we went out to a restaurant then home to a birthday cake – more cheesecake. In fact Norm had found one that had, blueberry, strawberry, vanilla and mango slices. I never thought I could get tired of cheese cake, but sometimes too much is just too much!

Another year older and it’s time for reflection on my life. I’ve got two new parts (knee and shoulder) so I guess the government thinks I’ll be around for a few more decades. I’m back on my diet and the desserts are in the freezer for single servings or to give away. I’m still looking forward to the next 12 months and the changes I’ll make in myself. I can walk now so exercise here I come. Bit by bit I’ll get better but no more surgeries until after May 2016. I and my body need the break.

Thanks for listening.  ;D Diane


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