6 Week Honour Your Health Challenge – Weak Too

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Well, I finished the first week of the health challenge and I lost two pounds. I got a big star beside my Mary Goround name on the big chart on the wall at work. I got a big star because I did something everyday towards my goal. I kept a straight food journal. I also kept pretty close to my diet; I walked on purpose, not just incidental walking and I supported a bunch of others towards their goal, too.

ImageNorm, who is my witness and working with me, gained two pounds. Whaaaa? Did I breathe them out and he breathed them in? Maybe it’s the cheesies. Norm loves Old Dutch Extreme Cheddar Cheesies. And I’ll admit it. Last night I ate the last of a bag of Old Dutch Extreme Cheddar Cheesies that was on top of the fridge in the goodie basket. Since I had lost weight I felt I deserved a treat in the evening and I had it. But then I realized that there shouldn’t be many bad goodies in the house, let alone  on top of the fridge. I figured the top of the fridge was a good place for me because it’s getting harder and harder for me to reach the top of the fridge. But I realized last night as I was getting the cheesies, that the basket has handles. Sigh, I am my own worse enemy.

Yes, I have bad goodies; good goodies; and just plain goodies, in the house. Plain goodies are things like peanuts and  chicharróns (pork rinds, which have no carbs). Good goodies are fruit, veggies and cheese. Bad goodies are…you al know bad goodies are – EVERYTHING ELSE!!!!!

OK, I can breathe now and I’m on track to be strong this week, too. It’s great to see everyone work towards their goals like: giving up pop; walking 20 minutes a day; working out; giving up pastries; abstaining from alcohol for not just the 6 weeks but ever etc. We have some amazing people where I work, students, staff and community members, too. Our health is important and we want everyone to be healthy, too. It’s a good thing and for me, an honour to be part of this. I also will weed out the bad/goodie basket. That will be one of the stars for me this week. I’m a star and deserve more. One will be for helping Norm. We are going to help each other.

Thanks for listening.  ;D  Diane


Another Alter Ego – Mary Goround

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“Who is this Mary Gore-und person”

“It’s not Gore-und, it’s Go-round.”

“Oh, I get it.”

That was the conversation when the 6-Week Honour Your Health chart was posted on the wall. There are more than 25 names on the chart and all are aliases (weird word – aliases).

Alter ego - jung

As you can guess, I am Mary Goround and she is one of my many alter egos. Mary Goround is as tall as she is wide. She always smiles and encourages everyone. She knows a lot of “traditional” Granny advice and stuff. She loves to cook and seems warm and positive. She is her own worst enemy. Sigh, I am definitely Mary. Mary was lighter in her youth but, as women age, we all know they get thicker especially from having babies and menopause. So, she has accepted this as normal and unstoppable. Actually, why stop it? It’s what nature intended, right?  But now she is getting the big, bad warning signals from her body and her doctor that all is not well in Mary’s world. Diabetes, arthritis, changing sleep patterns and high blood pressure are not acceptable in this day and age. We have ways to get and stay healthy. So, the 6 Week Honour Your Health Challenge is Mary’s way of coming into this century, maybe she’ll even make it into this millennium.

I’m trying. Thanks for listening. ;D  Diane




6 Week Honour Your Health Challenge – Weak One

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Tuesday was the launch of the 6 Week “Honour Your Health Challenge” at my workplace. Students, teachers, support and administration staff are involved. We all set one or more achievable goals that we will work towards over the next 6 weeks. We had to give ourselves an alias and a plan to reach our goal. Wow, this fits right in with my need to lose weight. So, as Mary Goround, I have planned to lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks. I can do it and will: journal my eating; walk regularly; cut out the bad white-related carbs (again); and mark my progress on the chart posted in the main hall of our workplace. Sigh. I can do this. Wednesday was wonderful and I stuck to the plan. Then…

Cookie loverARRGH! I ate a cookie! Two delightful young girls from the Tribal School came over with a rolling bake sale cart. Cookies, rice-crispy squares, cupcakes and brownies. I only had $1 in quarters in my desk so bought a peanut butter cookie and a crispy, caramelized oatmeal cookie with chocolate chips.They were for Norm and I tucked them in my tote for home.

I ate one!

I had done so well all day and had even consumed my first litre of water (I can’t count all the coffee I drink). Fruit salad with passionfruit and lime Greek yogurt; homemade turkey soup; and a Babybel for snack. I even had avoided the fry bread that was being offered in the kitchen. And it was some of the best fry bread I’d ever tasted. Then…the attack of the caramelized oatmeal cookie with chocolate chips.

I started with a nibble and the crispyness was buttery and flavourful. MMMmmmm. I quickly left my office to avid the rest of it but it didn’t help. I was drawn back to my office after the afternoon break and scarfed the rest of the wonderful cookie. Then the guilt set in. It was like I had blown the entire 6 week pledge. SIGH!

What to do? Well I remembered that I could be 80/20 not a 100% failure. I could acknowledge the slip and continue with my diet and plan without believing that I could just keep eating crave morsels because I had already gone off my diet – NO! I was continuing my diet and so…I went and drank the next litre of water and felt full – of water not guilt!

I will do this.  Thanks for listening.  ;D  Diane


Nature’s Skittles

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Natures skittlesI need to put some of this on my blog! It’s been beautiful outside and I know spring is really here. And..spring is the time for renewal and taking stock of what we want for the future. I want it all! As I do every couple of weeks or so, I renew my commitment to eating healthier and fruit is a big part of that. I’ve been eating Granny Smith apples at work. I love Granny Smiths, their pretty bright, light green colour and that sparkling sweet/sour taste. I believe they actually rejuvenate me!

Yesterday, at work, one of my students asked if she could make a fruit salad for the students. What a great idea! That craving for sugar sometimes overwhelms many of us. And what better sugar for us than fruit? Imagine if you had a bowl of cut-up fruit in the fridge for the crave monster moments? Nice way to do it. A little work for lots of health! Even kids could deal with this.Good fruit

I am loving Pintrest and Facebook for the sharing of great ideas for “good” food. I love the pictures! I wish I had some of these ideas when my girls were little. All I remember was “ants on a log”. That is celery filled with peanut butter and studded with raisins. Still a gem!

Look at this picture. How could a kid (or fairly mature adult, even) resist having a bag of healthy snacks? OK. Now you and I have to eat the good things only. It’s a glorious day and I’m feeling really good.

Thanks for listening.  ;D  Diane


Advice From a Loser

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I’ve been neglecting my blog over the last two weeks. I’ve tried to write a bit but with spring break holidays and a short (in time) road trip I just haven’t gotten around to it.

But, a couple of emails have prompted me to finish this post. Dr Amson, the bariatric surgeon that did my sleeve gastrectomy and one of my hernia repairs, recommends weight loss surgery patients email me for information on how it went for me. And yesterday I talked with a gentleman from Fort St John and emailed back and forth with a local lady. I do not see myself as a “success” story but I’m on my way. I was writing this response when I realized I could use my own advice. The email asked me how my surgery or the need for it had affected my family and those close to me. It made me really think and I needed to count my blessings. The following is my response to her response to my first email

Thank you for your kind words. Great question about the impact on my family. They have been amazing, they have supported me through so many surgeries, you can only imagine. But…(isn’t there aways a but?) They truly haven’t experienced what I have gone/am going through. I guess you could say I am a huge “cautionary tale”. I have two daughters and a husband. The girls are very different and one is very slim and the other is an “athletic build”. Neither wants to go where I’ve been or where I might end up. My husband has never been cruel, unsupportive or piling on the guilt trips but he breathes out calories and I breathe them in.

They want me to succeed but they do not micromanage or criticize me if I go off target. My husband and I are working together for the first time to help each other lose weight. (At 64 he has developed a small “pooch”.) It was hard at first because they felt guilty when they ate in front of me or brought goodies or desserts. They got used to it. My friends and work associates have never criticized me for what or how I eat or how I looked. My problem is that I have not “drastically” changed my eating habits except for the first year. I feel guilty if I don’t cook properly for the whole family and am in my glory with a holiday meal. I eat smaller portions and on smaller plates. They want to help. The biggest change is – I am a waste of money at a buffet. I can’t eat more than $5 worth at a time.

It sounds like you are where I was 6 years ago (it was a long wait). The time to expect change in your path is NOW! I don’t know when your surgery is scheduled but you need to change so much now!!!! Exercise! Even a bit of walking everyday is wonderful. You need to think before you eat: is it head hunger, heart hunger or do you really need food? I have some strategies an use them. I now chew a whole bunch of times and fill up faster.

I have acknowledged that it is a slow process FOR ME. But it doesn’t have to be that way for everyone. Don’t beat yourself up. Accept how you brain and body work (and it isn’t usually together). You are in the process of losing weight but the the harder part is hanging who you are. I’m not used to compliments or questions on how IT is going? I’m adjusting many parts of my life and personal identity.

Thank you for your good wishes and I send them back. Don’t “evereat!”


Thanks for listening.  ;D  Diane

Inner demons dance

Slyet and Shemomedjamo – New Words For Dieters

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accidentally ate the whole thing

I found Shemomedjamo on Facebook. A friend posted it and this is something that happens to me all the time. OK, not as often as it used to but still once in a while. I bet you’ve done it, too. It might have been that last bit of pie you were only going to have a sliver of or, more frequently for me, the whole bag of chips. Sigh. I like that there are words in some languages for every situation we face. I can even pronounce it now. I don’t know if I’m saying it correctly or not but how can you not like a food-related word that ends on “djamo”?south-beach-diet-cartoon

Sometimes we have to just invent words to cover the meaning likehangry” and “alcholrexic”. I thought of one about a week ago as I was trying to justify a certain food (a toasted pretzel bagel with mustard butter) into my “No White Food Diet“. I was slyeting. Yes, slyly slipping something into my diet. I could create a whole “Slyet” for our times. It was brown and yellow.

Diane’s Slyet – One Day Meal Plan
(Based on a low carbohydrate, no white food diet)

coffee with spiced rum - NC (no carbs)
2 egg omelette – with bacon, mushrooms, and cheese – NC
4 oz Orange juice – vodka optional

16 oz Fat Flush Water
1/2 cup raspberries
1/2 cup 11% fat Greek yoghurt – NC
(mix them together and the white goes away)

8 oz water w/ 2 oz Irish whiskey – NC
4 oz grilled lamb burger – NC
2 slices bacon – NC
2 oz goat cheese – NC
1/4 cup mushrooms – NC
2 lettuce leaves
1 thin slice tomato – optional

Tea w/1 oz spiced rye whiskey (optional, you do have to work)
high fibre crackers (subtract amount of fibre from carbs)
5 slices salami – NC
2 oz cream cheese – NC

1 glass (size optional) dry red wine (it’s not white)
1/2 BBQ chicken – NC
1 baked sweet potato w/ butter (It’s orange!)
1 cup baked beans (not white and they are beans)
1 slice of flourless hazelnut/chocolate cake

Wow! That Slyet actually looks really good but I bet it would give me a heart attack right before I passed out from all the alcohol. Hmm… I might have something here.  There are a few things on it that I loved about the Atkin’s Diet – all the fat. On Atkin’s, it’s all about no carbs, so you/I can have sour cream, butter, bacon, cheese, cream cheese and all the salami you want. But the “No White Food Diet” doesn’t allow those as much. I like the Slyet as long as no one counts the caloric intake!!!!!

Well, I’m going to forage in the fridge and set myself up for shemamodjamoing the bacon I’ll cook for Norm’s breakfast. Thanks for listening.  ;D  Diane

New Day – New Diet?

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Diane's new diet

I think I need a more exciting diet!

I’ve been wondering if I need a new and exciting diet so I’ve been watching and reading about various choices on the internet, TV and friends. So you can imaging how shocked I was last week when someone on Facebook posted this miracle “Cabbage Soup” diet. Yikes. I remember this one. It was wonderful for the first 4 days but it got tired very quickly. I think I stuck to it through two batches. It was the 80′s and everyone was trying “Miracle Weight Loss” products and plans. The 70′s introduced the Drinking Man’s Diet. It said that hard liquor had no carbohydrates so if you drank the hard stuff and kept the carbs off your plate you would lose weight. It worked but created a huge number of undernourished alcoholics. We also had the “Pre-digested Protein” liquid diet. OOoooo – so gross. But it’s back and is being touted as a miracle. Sigh. atkins-cartoon

I’ve counted carbs, calories, points, units and colours. I liked the Atkins for the weight loss, until I reached ketosis. Bacon, all meats, sour cream, butter..how could I not like it. After the first week I didn’t even crave bread but I did crave fruit and vegetables. What kind of diet doesn’t let you have apples, carrots or tomatoes? Not one I could stay on especially when I was cooking for a family that was allowed to eat anything!

different diet cartoonI think I’m taking my day-to-day diet for granted. I don’t need to measure many things any more. I pretty well know where, what and when I can eat. Sigh. Do I need a new diet? Is boredom a good enough reason? There are so many diets out there. Old ones, new ones, old ones with a new twist, and new products and “super foods”. Did you know that ascai berries don’t have a much better nutritional profile that blueberries? But they are rarer and sound exotic. So what is the new trendy “supplement”, fruit or vegetable? Maybe it’s growing in your backyard. Hmmm, what’s in my backyard at this time of the year? Branches for burning; mint, lots of mint that I can’t kill no matter what I do; ferocious raspberry canes (I think they may actually be blackberries and will overthrow my whole backyard if I don’t watch them); some moss; worms and sprouting rhubarb.
RhubarbThat’s it! The rhubarb! It’s a miracle plant. It’s sour and tasty, even a mild laxative when you need one. The leaves are slightly poisonous (so don’t eat them) but they do make a wonderful pesticide. It’s full of vitamins and minerals. I’ll have to develop this so I can make a fortune and go on Dr Oz.

fad dietIsn’t amazing how a “miracle” can make millions of dollars and millions of unsatisfied diets? We don’t need “miracle diets” we need life plans. I guess I’ll stay with my plan. It works when I do. I will continue to: drink my cinnamon apple and fat flush waters; to journal my daily intake; and write my blog. But, I will try to develop the “Miracle Rhubarb Fat-Dissolving Plan”. Don’t laugh, you’ll be watching me on Dr Oz, Oprah’s Network and the Doctors, soon!

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane


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