Single Serving Packs – A LIE!!!!! Part 2

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I recently wrote about the lie of single serving packages of foods. Wow, I sure pushed some major buttons. GOOD! But it started out with a comic I saw in the Times-Colonist on July 28, 2015. All things are relative and anyone who has ever had to diet for any reason knows this is true.

T-C 28-07-2015

Times-Colonist 28 July 2015

Who decides serving size? I have a wonderful paperback book with all kinds of counts in it. It has raw foods, cooked meals, commercially packaged foods and fast foods. It tells you sodium, fat, calories, carbohydrates and fiber in a designated amount. But the serving size given is the scientific amount tested for the counts or what a restaurant serves. I almost never use this book myself, in fact, it’s in the library at work and I don’t go back there until the end of August. serving sizes

I grew up in a calorie-counting household and can tell you almost all the calorie counts for fruits, breads and veggies. Sigh, it didn’t help my own weight loss. But my mom, Marg Carey, was the T.O.P.S. Queen for the Ottawa region back in the ’60s. I will never win any weight loss prizes. My brother, Dave is losing weight like crazy but he has cut out all snacks. He makes everything fresh and nothing comes in packages especially in single serving “packs”. Me? I do well for a while then I give in to the crave monster and a 250g package of Bugles turns into a single serving.

In a previous blog post, Eating Healthy Munchies!, I discussed a way I deal with making my own single servings and it involves these little, green, plastic bowls we have. They’re perfect for small servings of grapes, chips, cherries, baby carrots, salami etc. But, and here I confess to get it off my chest and butt; sometimes I eat more than a single serving. Sorry.

Enough said and I’m done. Time for a breakfast serving of eggs for me – two, if you were wondering. Thanks for listening. ;D  Diane

My idea of a single serving!

Single Serving Packs – A LIE!!!!!

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Do you really need "6"?

Do you really need “6”?

Have you noticed all single serving packs of snack foods?

Be very, very careful. They say they have a certain amount of calories or protein etc. But…they are designed to make you take a whole pack when all you want/need is that one bit for the taste satisfaction that crave monsters are after.


Singles! By the way, the Tapaz 2 Go Humus is really good! Snack on the plane.

I’m also really ticked off at all the extra packaging and garbage generated by this “buy more because it costs more to package this way”. You also get less product overall. Sigh. I have a cupboard full of Tupperware that I can parcel my own “servings”  of snacks. Sure they’re very convenient but this idea that 6 cookies is a healthy portion is silly. A small bag of chips in your lunch is still a place where chips shouldn’t be. Right?

Because of all the single serving packs we (the universal “we” of general humanity in North America) are spending more (singles packs are more expensive per ounce), creating more garbage, and not thinking about quantity and quality of what we are eating or worse – giving our kids to eat.

My personal Gargoyles lunch kit

My personal Gargoyles lunch kit

It’s not just packaged, it’s processed – oh, so processed so it will last longer on the shelf or in your cupboard. Yuk. I have a Seal-a-Meal for buying meat in bulk and portioning up and saving a bundle. And if/when I make cookies, banana bread etc. I can seal them in a single serving pouch and put them in the freezer; so from the freezer to the lunch box. Any lunch box, backpack or pocket. This way you get to choose what kind of snack or food you are putting into you! What and how much do you want to feed your family? Should Uncle Ben, Mr Christie, or Kellogg’s be deciding that for you? I know it’s easier but who are you buying groceries for – them or you? YOU! Take the responsibility for your own choices.

I started  thinking about writing this blog post about bad snacking but got onto a rant and I think it’s a good rant. So I’ll save the other post for another day. Be on the look out for “Single Serving Packs – A LIE!!!!! Part 2″.

Thanks for listening. Eat only the one cookie you really want then go brush the Oreo off your teeth and be done with it.  ;D  Diane

Saturday Confessions – Sinful or Sincere?

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Good reason not to diet!

Good reason not to diet!

It has been a really bad dieting week.

I feel like crap – physically and emotionally. My knee hurts, my tummy hurts and I refuse to talk to the scale!

“Listen to your body.” We’ve all heard that. Well, what the hell is it telling you me?

Is it telling me, “You’re an old, compulsive, emotional eater who just had her third joint replacement in 18 months.”?


Is it telling me, “If you’re in pain, take the pain away.”?

I’ve been doing that in many ways: painkillers, chips, ice cream, sleep, watching TV, not doing physio exercises (they hurt, a lot).

So, am just piling on excuses. My nephew, the fitness guru, Michael, also known as Captain Carey, would tell me to tough it out. No pain, no gain! Well, I think I did gain – weight.

I haven’t journalled any food, emotions or activities in 2 1/2 weeks. I guess know that will make a difference. My daughter, Leanne, saw a nutritionist recently who told her she’s normal, not obese; then helped her set up a completely balanced eating plan which will fill a 1200 calories daily allowance with so much food , she will never be hungry. The only things she has to do is follow her own plan and write down calories. Sigh. It’s working for her. I knew it would. It works for me – when I do it. But it’s work and I don’t feel like working right now.

Okay, okay, I know I need to do this and stop feeling sorry for myself. I CAN do this. Pull out the journal and all the physio pages and just do it. Physio exercises are “activities”. Eating fruit, veggies and protein will make me feel better. The revolving self-abuse wheel is the junk food and sitting around. I’m actually allowed to sit around but only 45 minutes of each hour. That means I have to be active 15 minutes of each hour.

That all doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Okay I’m off to have my cottage cheese breakfast with peppers and herbs! Mmmm – it’s actually pretty good and very filling. Then I can do my “clam shells” and “backwards stair lunges”. Thanks for listening. ;D  Diane

Clam Shell Video

Filling The Emotional Void – With Food

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Boredom, depression, frustration, hate, love, resignation – ooooh I like that one. I am resigned to eat. It’s been an emotional roller coaster this summer and when the emotions are in motion – and they have been – I don’t cope well. Thank goodness for fruit, vegetables and eggs. As I move from one feeling to another I can fill the emptiness with cherries. The potato chips are gone but the blueberries aren’t.

But when the “good” emotions run the gamut it’s the same with me. Happy, cheerful, excited, hopeful – chocolate, crackers and cheese, and once again I’m glad the fridge is full of cheese, fruit and great, homegrown, sweet cucumbers that taste amazing with hummus.

Grape funI am an emotional (and emotional void) eater. I’m actually just an eater. So, as I float in and out of every emotion (except hate – I don’t have anything to hate – OK, maybe guns, I hate guns but I hadn’t even thought of them until I wrote the word hate. Diane wants a cracker now.) I will be conscious of my hunger/craving. Is that empty feeling hunger or just me looking for the right emotion to fill the void with?

Love! I’ll fill it with love then go out into the world and see if I can walk very far today. One step more everyday will make it better, won’t it?

Thanks for listening.  ;D  Diane

The Reunion – The Test Of The Genes!

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This past Sunday, 43 Wylie descendants and attached partners met at my brother Dave’s cottage on Lake Couchiching in Ontario. Four generations of Wylies at the cottage and the cottage sits on a site originally built on by my great-grandfather, John Wylie. So the littlest is now the 6th generation to be “up at the cottage”.

Now, reunions give you chances to do a number of things: eat all the wonderful pot-luck, BBQ’d, munchie foods brought to share; look at how old all your cousins got (OMG, I guess I did, too, since I’m the oldest of our cohort of cousins!); and look at how the genetic traits have filtered down into our beautiful families. And we are one amazingly good-looking group! But..Wylie reunion 2015

We had a good look at how second and third cousins look like each other. For example, Scott’s daughter, Melanie, looks quite a bit like my daughter, Leanne, right down to the freckles across her nose but younger. Sigh, it was all around us. But so were the downside ones. There are quite a few diabetics. And there’s my weight issue. I’m not the only one. In my Mom’s generation there were (are) two wiry Wylies and two plumper ones. It’s still that way in my generation but… we are truly working on it and aren’t doing too badly. My brother and our cousin Don have lost huge amounts of weight and still look a lot alike but even younger now.

At one point we compared joint replacements. I didn’t know my Uncle Jack had a hip replaced and a couple of cousins, Marcy and Kevin, have had knees done, like me. Then there’s the scar comparisons. Most could not be seen but there was much commiseration. Some things run in families.  Like tattoos! Personally, I’m not sure if the love of tattoos is genetic or not. My Mom had her first after 60 and started the whole thing. But after looking around at our bunch I do think most us with body art were women – genetic?!

But, this is a blog about my journey in losing weight and I have nothing but hope and determination to continue on this path. I have never seen such healthy food available, lots of vegetables, fruit, protein, milk and wheat conscious glories, but just the right amount of goodies! Two birthdays and and the brownies were my downfall but I listened to my tummy (very loud it was) and stopped. I think the biggest over-eaters were the mosquitoes. I forgot about mosquitoes. There aren’t many at my house but we had wonderful bug stuff an were happy people. And I can’t beleive how many bags of chips never even got opened. Those will go to the “kids'” cottage I guess.

I want to live a long time. I’m still losing weight (more to go) and being part of this wonderful clan is inspiring. I want to see more of them. Thanks for listening.  ;D Diane

The Agressive Guilt Puppy – Trying To Normalize

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It’s almost 4 weeks since my right knee was replaced in the most painful surgery I’ve ever had and I’ve had way too many; more than a dozen being completely knocked out. And, on this point, this has given the medical profession the opportunity to find the exact combination of drugs for the perfect level/lack of consciousness for cutting me open without negative side effects except those of the surgery. Sigh, practice makes perfect? But…I’m trying to feel normal now.

One of my many nemesis, The Crave Monster

One of my many nemesis, The Crave Monster

I’m still feeling a wee bit of pain but it’s mostly after doing my exercises and I’ve got more mobility in my knee, even my orthopod (orthopedic surgeon) is happy with my progress. I’m off the heavy painkillers and only taking the “on-demand” ones. I’m moving around a lot more. I’ve been out of the house a couple times in the last week for wonderful social situations. I’ve started cooking, cleaning and doing mousewifey things as I can. I still get tired, sore and cranky but not as often or fast. I’m beginning to normalize. But there is a down side to trying to normalize – The Crave Monster.

I had lost 14 pounds after the surgery and truly didn’t feel very hungry. And when I ate I couldn’t eat very much, but – my appetite is coming back, and with it The Crave Monster. I’ve been wanting fries, chips, almost any salty snack….but there aren’t many in the house so I don’t have to fight too much. But Norm bought Hawkins Cheezies the last time he went shopping and I know they’re there. Up there on top of the fridge – calling me –  hawkins cheeziesnice salty, cheesy, crunchy corn. Each nugget is a unique shape and the bright orange flavour dust is distributed in varying concentration – MMMmmmm…

Sigh, along with The Crave Monster comes the guilt puppy(ies). I don’t need junk food. I have apples and plums. I have eggs and so many baby carrots… Oh yeah, the lettuce in the garden is growing like weeds so salad city, here we come. I’ll put tomatoes on the shopping list, we’re all out. I don’t want to gain any weight back. I’m very close to a milestone weigh-in and I want to make that one this summer and go back to work in September as the “new and improved Diane”.

I will use this aggressive guilt puppy to help guide me. I want to be as normal as I can. Cravings are normal but healthy is more normal, right? Thanks for listening.  ;D  Diane

Hand reaching for Cheezies

Hand reaching for Cheezies!

New Parts – Same Old Same Old

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I haven’t posted anything in a couple of weeks. I had a full knee replacement on May 29th and am now just beginning to feel human again – except I’m actually less human and more bionic. I have many parts in me that my husband is not legally married to. I also set off every scanning device at an airport or border crossing. Sigh.

Bionic woman

I actually owned a jumpsuit like this a long time ago but I didn’t look like her, though.

I now have two complete hip replacements, one complete right shoulder, a new complete right knee and a lens in my left eye. Eat your heart out Lindsay Wagner.

This was the most painful surgery I’ve ever had and it still is uncomfortable as I learn to bend and straighten my knee again. It could take weight right away but my thigh muscles hated me. I think it’s because I’ve insulted them with so much abuse with the hip and the knee. More sighs.

Now, the good news – I was in so much pain I wasn’t hungry. It will be a while before I can exercise with the intensity to lose calories but…I’m not eating to the capacity I was before. But, I am now just starting to cook again. Norm, bless him, has been feeding himself and me. He has learned to read instructions on packages; to set the oven and timer; why tinfoil has a shiny and a dull side and why we thaw certain things before cooking. He’s a very quick learner. Now if I could get him to clean out the yucky stuff in the veggie and fruit drawers. If he can’t see it, it doesn’t exist, right?

So, right now I weigh less than when I had the surgery. But as I get around more and more, food is finding its way into my cozy nest on the love seat in the living room. Thanks goodness for strawberry season and really good Greek yogurt.

Fast womanOkay, I’ve written again so my excuses are nullified for now. I get my staples out today and see my regular doctor tomorrow so we will have official comments soon. It won’t be long until I’m running in the fast lane. HA!

Thanks for listening. ;D  Diane

PS: The hospital food was horrifying. Good diet plan – don’t eat.


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