How To Lose That Baby Weight!

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I saw this title in the banner advertising on Facebook and it made me laugh – a lot! I’ve never been able to lose my baby weight and my baby is 30. All the article said was to get active right after you had the baby. Get involved in some sort of aerobic activity blended with weights. You are also supposed to eat healthy (we’ve never heard that before), drink lots of water especially if you’re nursing (they didn’t say whether that was over the recommended 8 glasses or not) and get lots of sleep (with a new baby, HA!). To burn actual weight they suggested that you burn off more calories than you take in (duh).

Then there are all the crunches, lunges, and planking to flatten the stomach. Yikes! Running with the baby (in a very expensive jogging stroller) is also encouraged.

I took yoga before and after my first baby was born and it was nice and she got to be with me in her baby carrier. It wasn’t so easy to do with the second. I did get a fair amount of Toddler Aerobics with Shauna not 2 yet while I was pregnant with Leanne. But I enjoyed every minute of it. Of course there is another way to make sure the baby weight is gone – don’t let them move back in!

Now, to get back my pre-pregnancy body. This will not be possible unless I can steal one. I can lose the baby weight; the 30-something weight; the OMG I’m 40 weight, the CHANGE weight, and maybe I’ll be down even lower than when I got pregnant so many years ago. I’m on my way and I am very positive I can do it.

Thanks for listening.  ;D Diane

Weighing In On Surgery

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Arthritis of the shoulder

Arthritis of the shoulder

I have an appointment with my doctor today and I always get weighed but today is special because I’m getting my pre-op check-up. I’m having my right shoulder replaced on October 17th and it isn’t that far off. I have osteoarthritis in both shoulders but my right is making my entire right arm almost completely useless.

What has this to do with my weight? Good question. It has been scientifically proven that stress, physical, mental and hormonal, actually causes your body to conserve fat for emergencies. It usually saves it in your abdomen. As I look down to my feet, I can see my fat reserves storing up over a huge abdominal hernia.

Sigh! Remember to take care of yourself when you are young and think you are indestructible because it all comes back to haunt you later. I’ll finish this post later, after my doctor appointment and walk with my daughters.

Well, it’s much later and I saw the doctor. Then I went for a glorious walk with Shauna, Leanne and Layla (the dog). After that we had lunch and I went grocery shopping and had to get a couple of prescriptions filled. I lost 8 oz. That’s half a pound. I realize now that I should have saved the weigh-in until after the walk but before the lunch. But it was a loss so that’s nice. I also got my pre-op blood pressure check; eyes and throat check; and yes, I have a heart and it’s working. I also had my height measured and that’s the same as last time. Completely average for a caucasian middle-aged woman approaching her seniority.

chubby woman

I’ve had so many “invasive” surgeries that I have forgotten dates and numbers. I like to think of being in a hospital as a unique spa vacation and as long as I have a catheter and a morphine pump at my command life is dreamy. I am joking because it is very serious and a lot of people are terrified of surgery and the circumstances have been horrifying. I try to think of it as run of the mill for me; how long will it take and will they validate parking?

I need new joints. I need my guts put back together. Eventually I’ll need an abdominoplasty, too, to remove all the flabby skin left over. But the weighing in is a big part of it all. Because I’m so big I need more knock-out drugs and they (the health professionals) think my blood, heart and/or lungs may have problems, too. Usually the worst post surgery issue I have is the terrible coffee and too much light in the room to sleep soundly.  I am admitting that this is the first surgery that is truly scaring me and I don’t know why. I’ve had many and will need many more.

Oh well, I’ve put away all my groceries, thought about what to make for supper and now I’m going to pour myself another big glass of ice water and sit on the deck and read. So, thanks for listening.   ;D  Diane


Writing From the Pizza Coma

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CarnivoreI have just had two slices from a small, multi-grain, thin crust, carnivore pizza and I feel uber-full and on the verge of mega guilt so I thought if I started writing a bog post I would: a) stop eating, b) feel less guilt, c) stay awake for a little while and d) make myself laugh.

It had been a stressful week. We had quite a few people register for school and there is so much paperwork for their records that all of us help doing it and since classes start next week, we tried to get as many records done as possible. But we know quite a few more people will come to register next week, too, even though we will be trying to teach. Adults are always difficult to pin down to school when they have jobs, kids and so many other commitments. Personally, I want to claim pizza coma until Sunday morning. It is still summer according to the calendar and the weather. I will even sleep in tomorrow if I can.

carrot cakeBut work, stress and pizza are not very good excuses for not following my diet. There’s also cake. CAKE! We celebrated four birthdays with two cakes; a cream cheese, iced, carrot cake and a black forest cake. You have to eat some of the carrot cake because of the vegetables involved and the starving children in Africa. I couldn’t force myself to eat any black forest cake I was too full. I did write it into my journal but I may have exaggerated the smallness of the piece I ate. And now I’m having limeade and pizza. I shake my head at myself and wonder why I plateau.

Enough of this. I’m going stop eating, wash my face, pour something into my limeade and go sit in my anti-gravity chair on the deck. If I slip into a small pizza coma, so be it. Thanks for listening. ;D  Diane


Diet Reboot!

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Monday was the last day of my summer. I teach at a school for adults and today is our first work day. Summer officially lasts until September 22nd but the first day of school is the end of summer for most people. Summer is also the time of vacations and overindulgence in food, drink and sun. My sister came to visit for a few days in the last of summer. It was glorious. Our whole family has a weight problem so we commiserated together and then ate lots of “bad” foods. We did do a little bit of walking but not miles. Just a few kilometres while indulging in some retail therapy.

timbits2Since it is the beginning of the work year it is also a great time to focus on my diet and the supportive activities that go with it. Back to journaling my food intake and my exercise output. I have an emotions slot on my food journal but today my emotions are all over the map. I had a great breakfast (yogurt and fruit), healthy mid-morning snack (Baby Bell cheese) and reasonable lunch (pulled pork, 2 crackers, and a nectarine). But the temptations are all around. There are cake, fruit and Timbits for students waiting for registration and someone found me a honey crueller and I had to ear it and I got guilted into celebrating two birthdays. It was carrot cake. Carrots are a vegetable and since I had already had a Timbit I could handle a small piece of carrot cake (inside piece not an edge one with all that extra cream cheese icing).

But now I have to balance that out with exercise. It hurts to do most exercise, so walking with a cane is mostly it now. I can’t use my walking poles because of the pain in my right shoulder, I tried swimming but most strokes also hurt my shoulder or knee. I am a wreck! But the incidental exercise will help me. You know the movements you do all day long like stairs and carrying things. Stairs I can do, slowly and both feet per stair but I can do them. And, I can carry with my left shoulder and arm so I can burn a wee, few calories. I will keep moving and keep my intake down and my our put up. I will re-boot my diet and motivation. You remember the KITA theory of motivation? Kick In The Ass – the true re-boot!

Thanks for listening! ;D Diane

Times-Colonist 30-08-2014

Times-Colonist 30-08-2014

Reward For Not Gaining Weight

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I feel like a kid. Instead of rewarding good behaviour I want a reward for not having bad behaviour. Yep, I went the last three weeks without having a weight gain weigh-in. I had a doctor’s appointment and have been away doing a road trip and a week with friends in Osoyoos. And we all know what restaurants (biscuits and gravy) and reunions (food and drink, much food and drink) do to diet plans. YodaThere’s a coffee shop near my doctor’s office and they sell orange-coconut brioche buns. OMG I love them and if I have a good weigh-in I reward myself with one. I also had an errand after my appointment, to pick up my Yoda data stick that I misplaced. And not far from that coffee shop, there’s another coffee shop with killer cornmeal muffins. And cornmeal is healthier than orange, coconut and sugar brioche, right? Well, I held off on the brioche and went for the cornmeal muffin. They sold out! The Force was trying to tell me that just plain coffee was all I needed. I pouted, I wanted a reward for not having a weight gain.

Yoda 2Not gaining weight is its own reward. I did a lot of walking on our holiday and that actually taught me what I already know. My sister is now visiting so we will do some walking today, too. And I get to cook what is healthy for all of us with a wee bit of “bad” food. Eat will I good food.

Thanks for listening.  ;D Diane

The Summer Reunion Turkey

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I’m on my holidays and in a “Penthouse” suite (On the second floor?) in a lovely complex in Osoyoos, BC, with nine of the best people in the whole world! This is the 40th anniversary of being friends. Six of us worked together at Capital Iron in Victoria and the rest by association and love. It is our reunion and we had our first one here in Osoyoos, with all our kids, 20 years ago. Here’ s to Karla, Rick, Lynn, Randi, Dave, Wendy, Brenda, Doug and Norm!

It’s wonderful to be able to spend a week with people you’ve known for over 40 years but…and isn’t there always a but, I’m having diet issues. I had already had my biscuits and gravy our first morning in the States (half order and still couldn’t finish it all – I can hear the guilt puppies whining at the door) so that was behind me (and now on my behind.). Then there is my food journal, which I am not going to keep on this holiday (puppy whimper here). But… there will be swimming and walking, right?  It will balance out the food and drink, right? I keep telling myself I won’t overindulge but I rarely listen to myself.

Margarita mix in the desert.

Margarita mix in the desert.

During  the  planning stage we  set up a food chart so that six of the dinner nights were the responsibly of the six family units. We had to supply the fixings for the dinner but we can have all the help we want. Twenty years ago, I happened to have an extra turkey in my freezer, so I brought it. Dave brought his rice cooker so we had roast turkey and rice and lots of fresh veggies. I thought it would be wonderful to do a turkey again (we are all on holidays) because I happened to have one in my freezer. But I forgot we were going to Oregon for four days before Osoyoos so I couldn’t bring it from home, it would have been a wee bit fowl. (OK, that sounded better out loud.)  Never mind, I thought, I’ll pick up a cheap one in the States. Did you know that Costco and Wal-Mart do not sell turkeys in the summer? I also checked Canada Customs whether we could transport a turkey over the border or not. It said we had to declare it and all produce and some “meats” were not allowed. So, rather than risking my turkey at the border, I didn’t buy one. But we did buy a lot of beer, wine, and alcohol. Well, I had to buy tequila in Costco because the margarita mix was so cheap and’s made with real limes and nothing artificial!!!

So, I bought my turkey at a local store. Turkeys in the summer a wee bit more expensive than they are at Christmas or Thanksgiving. Wee bit, my ass, they are way more expensive but it was a beautiful turkey and my friends are worth it. Add in the smashed, roasted potatoes; peaches and cream corn on the cob; broccoli and carrots in a red wine vinaigrette; Ms Crocker’s dressing (Betty, that is) and the gravy  made from the drippings, it was a spectacular meal with enough leftovers to make turkey soup and sandwiches for lunches. I had brought cornstarch from home to thicken the gravy in a very clearly marked baggie in case we were questioned about the white powder we were crossing international borders with. No one checked. The turkey was wonderful and the sandwiches the next day, mmmmm. It was worth it and my friends wouldn’t let me do the dishes because I cooked. Nice system. Every dinner so far has been spectacular and more to come.

In fact, diets are out the window for most of us. We’re in the middle of the fruit belt so there is lots of it, but also lots of wine, beer and of course, those naughty snacks like M&Ms, pretzels, etc. Then there are the leftovers. We have been using two suites and this one has a bigger deck where all of us can fit for dinner and a bit bigger kitchen so this fridge is jammed with meat, veggies, fruit, beverages and now leftovers. I think I’ll save the leftovers for the next post.

So, thanks for listening. May the sun shine on you and yours1 ;D Diane

Missing Robin Williams

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I was so shocked that Robin Williams had died. But I wasn’t shocked by how he died. It is a very sad comment on our times. Mental illness is still such a pariah that most people cannot or will not get the treatment they need. And so many people say “Suck it up!” or “What are you depressed about?”. Look at yourself and talk to people. Who knows how much you may be helping yourself and someone else. If someone seems suicidal ask them if they are. You can help! Take care of yourself, too.

Not a happy post but if it can help some not take a long term solution to a short term problem.Someone cares, deeply. I honestly hope Robin Williams is resting in peace.  Thanks for listening. :D Diane



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