No Carb – Gluten Free Salad!

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Low carb gluten free salad

Enjoy! Thanks for reading. ;D Diane

Turkey – The Gateway Drug

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It was Easter Sunday yesterday and I made a turkey for the “Holiday Dinner”. Turkey is the special meal in our family and it can work if you are on a restricted diet. Nothing tells your family how much you love them as whipped potatoes and gravy.turkey meal

I usually do a 20-pounder so there are lots of leftovers but this one was just a tiny turkey, 7 pounds. I’ve made bigger chickens. I made the normal amount of stuffing which resulted in a very full bird and a stuffing cake cooked separately in the oven. 5 pounds of potatoes got mashed and whipped. A mutant yam (seriously huge) was cut up and slow roasted to candied with Fireball and butter. A plethora of carrots were cooked to toothsomeness. I figured I could keep to my diet very well with turkey, a small serving of yams, a smidgen of gravy, and lots of carrots. Sigh. The turkey was wonderful. But it did make me want to add a pile of potatoes and dressing. I didn’t, but I was already at the precipice of craving.

The first sign of temptation was Shauna bringing a beautiful bottle of Black Crow wine. It was very nice and I thought I was doing OK when I only had one glass. Leanne had made a “cake that came with low calories, low fat Cool Whhhip and toasted coconut. I thought I could resist when we all left the table before dessert. But an hour later we all had room for a taste. It seems she had pierced the cake and poured and amazing mixture of coconut cream and condensed milk, I have a severe addiction to condensed milk. BHAM!!! My defenses went down.

I had told Norm “no chocolate” and so the Easter Bunny left me flowers. But Shauna brought chocolate and Leanne gave me Lindt dark chocolate eggs. Sigh, turkey had opened the gateway to all the holiday treats I was accustomed to, and I lost the battle.  I ate cake, chocolate and…as I was cleaning up and storing all the leftovers (and there wasn’t much) I dipped a piece of stuffing in gravy and it was good. Mmmmm – that triptophan high!

Today is a new day. I’ve made the turkey broth and it’s going into a number of containers for future use. I used to make soup – with potatoes and pasta and carrots if there were any left over. Now I can cook with turkey broth instead of fat and make soup if I want it. I can control my cravings for chocolate, cake, mashed potatoes and gravy and as long as I am aware of the gateway message that turkey send out I can fight it!!!!Rock

Thanks for listening. ;D  Diane

Giving Up!

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Now, before everyone sends me their powerful support messages – I haven’t given up, yet. I wanted to. I thought a lot about it. I’ve made excuses for gaining weight on Spring Break. I’ve been beset (nice usage, eh?) by a pack of guilt puppies. I’ve reviewed my food journal and seen my doctor. I’ve had my monthly ephinette and come back to reality. Excuses

I’m tired, mentally, emotionally and lately, physically. I’ve been trying to lose weight for 49 years. I’ve been up and down and still have not reached a “healthy” weight. I am now: an obese (I did get out of the morbidly obese classification), diabetic, post-menopausal, depressed (small “d”), baby boomer (definitely not a “zoomer”), arthritic, working-poor, middle class woman. Sigh.

I’ve just started our annual “Honour Your Health Challenge” at work and my goal is to lose 10 pounds. It was an easy goal because I’ve done it before and I know I can do it in 6 weeks. But looking back I should have made my goal to stay on my diet every day for 6 weeks. Imagine 6 weeks with no “Fat Girl” days. THAT’S a challenge! I honestly don’t know if I could do it.

17 tries, reformatting, file type etc, to get this graphic in. Hmmm real lesson!

17 tries, reformatting, file type etc, to get this graphic in. Hmmm real lesson!

Actually, six weeks for 10 pounds at my weight could be done in two weeks if I try hard. So why don’t I do it? Good question.

I just tried 4 times to insert a graphic that relates to giving up and it wouldn’t go in. I tried changing the format but that didn’t help and it said to try later. Hmmm, is this a sign? I have to try later. I’m now working on this blog entry for a second day after I started it. I’m not as blue as I was yesterday and definitely feeling way more positive. But this is how I live. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been facing all the realities of what I have to do over the next couple of years for my health. I’m booked for a full knee replacement (much pain) on the 29th of May. That means I’ll miss the end of the school year. I like the end of the year with our students. I’ll not be able to be in the annual golf tournament, again! I will be only one month out (needing physio etc) when we’re supposed to drive across Canada to my family’s reunion. I usually drive, I can’t see myself being able to do that. I may not even be able to bend my knee enough to get into the passenger side of my car. Sigh. I will need a huge abdominal surgery (much more pain) to fix my hernia and I’m concerned that my guts won’t work in a confined space. They sometimes have issues the way they are now, wild and relatively free of an abdominal wall. Then I’ll need the other shoulder replaced (more pain) and, when I’ve lost the weight I need to, and I do see myself reaching my goal at some point in the near (2-3 years) future, I will have this amazingly flabby, extra skin-enveloped body that will need surgery to remove skin that doesn’t shrink with wonderful abs and muscle development. It just hangs and droops because the fat is gone. Imagine that in a bathing suit. I have.

Oh well. It may not sound like I’m in a better place but I am. Getting to the truth is what makes a reality check real. I also went over what my life would be like if I gave up. I would balloon. My blood sugar, which has been spectacular for almost 2 years, would skyrocket and my kidneys would shut down. My blood pressure would spike resulting in a series of debilitating mini-strokes. I would end up with a new hernia around old internal scarring and a perforated bowel from resulting adhesions – oh my, a colostomy. I would not be able to walk, dress or feed myself. I would be locked in my body and if I had my way, a window in a nursing home looking out on the yard with trees and birds. Yep, I’ve thought this through. I’m not going to tell you what I’ve thought about in terms of the disappointment and guilt of my family, friends, doctors and you. I don’t want any of those things and I know we have to look at the up-side and downside of things. And we all know what happens when you lift the rock of life to see what’s under it. The slimy things crawl out, and, as long as I don’t have to eat them, OK!

That’s enough for now. Now I’m going to tell you a two-step secret to make you feel better, too.

1) Whisper “Beep Boop” to yourself.

2) Repeat until not sad.

Thanks for listening.  ;D Diane


10 Pounds in 10 Days? YIKES!

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Well, I’m back from my Spring Break road trip and when I stepped on the scale it said I had gained 10 pounds! I nearly fell off the scale. After I caught my breath I realized it was 8 pm and I was in my heavy jeans and a sweater and we weight-conscious people know we have to wear the same thing to get weighed in and at the same time of the day. “OK”, I thought, “I’ll do this again in the morning. ”

Times-Colonist 20 March 2015

Times-Colonist 20 March 2015

It was a wonderful trip and I had lots of fun. The weather was spectacular and sunny warm at least one day and even the storms were worth watching. Up here in the Pacific Northwest there is an amazing tourist season called “Storm Watch”. Yep, they charge more for ocean front rooms where you can see the 30 foot waves and experience being blown across the sand by 70 mph winds! I got to shop with no sales tax even though I know I can claim a refund for stuff bought in Washington, it’s so much paperwork! I got to visit a few stores we don’t have in Canada; Lane Bryant, KMart, and Lincoln City’s Liquor Outlet. OK, it’s not exactly Roh-day-oh Drive.

Well, I got everything unpacked, filled the laundry hamper, and emptied the bags of stuff I bought. Finally we sat down and turned on the TV. I lasted one hour then had to go to bed. The next day, I got weighed again. I usually weigh myself in the morning after using the bathroom but before coffee. Sigh. I had gained weight – but only four pounds. Four pounds too many but not ten! I wasn’t surprised. Free breakfast every day, great restaurants, and stuff we see advertisements for but normally won’t eat.  For example – IHOP’s Cris-Croisant with lemonade filling and blackberry compote. And, did you know that Denny’s has lounges with Happy Hours that last all day and $1.50 beer? Of course, seafood lures almost everybody.

I ate too much of the wrong things and lots of the right things but “lots” is not a good serving measurement when you are trying to lose weight. I know what a good serving size is. But if you leave anything on your plate in the States, they get offended and think they didn’t serve you enough of the “good” food. So I take stuff back to the hotel room in a box. I don’t usually eat but, sometimes I do. There is a horribly fun, guilty pleasure to eating food from a cardboard container in bed watching a movie!

We’ve been home 3 1/2 days, laundry done and suitcases put away. There’s still relatively cheap gas in the car and the weight is coming off. Thanks for listening. ;D  Diane

The Sun Comes Out and There is Fruit Salad

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Yesterday in Lincoln City it was cloudy-windy day! In fact, I was actually thankful to be my heavy weight, I didn’t get blown away! This beautiful, beach coast, Oregon city was beset with grey clouds and winds up to 70 miles (yes, miles not kilometers) an hour. The power went out briefly more than once. Even the radio station got knocked out by the wind. I really like Lincoln City.

fruit saladToday is Monday so beachfront rooms are cheaper but view is a million dollars. The sun is out and the breakfast room is open. They have biscuits and gravy, eggs, yogurt, breads, cereals, and fruit salad! I am enjoying fruit salad and I might a small croissant. Yes, white flour but this IS a holiday. I’m not very hungry this morning and we didn’t go out for supper last night. We went to a quaint little place called The Corner Cafe and had burgers. Oh my goodness or should I say badness. They were 1/2 lb burgers cooked to our specifications (medium) and served with onion rings or fries for only $7.95. I couldn’t even finish a half of one so we took all the leftovers back to our room for later. Later I couldn’t eat it all either so no need for anything else for supper. We did do a nice walk against the wind in soft to squishy sand and later I went swimming for 45 minutes. Yes, I had a double dip of exercise. Today will have more walking and the beach calls, too.

Enjoy your day and thanks for listening. It will be a low-guilt healthy day!  ;D Diane


Biscuits and Gravy or Waffles – The Traveller’s Choice

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Well, we just spent the first night of our spring break road trip in the States. We stopped at Lacey, Washington. It’s just across the street from Olympia, literally. Our hotel has a wonderful breakfast room with waffles; biscuits and gravy; boiled eggs; juices; cold and hot cereals; fresh fruit; pastries and bagels; and…French Vanilla cream for the coffee. Big sigh! I am surprised that there isn’t any yogurt. What will be my diet-friendly breakfast? Oatmeal?

I knew this was going to be a different stop when we went out at 8 pm for supper. There was a Denny’s right behind us so off we went. The lounge there had happy hour from 4 pm ’til closing. Norm and I looked at each other and almost in chorus, said, “Denny’s has a lounge?” And that’s the door we went in. Yep, it was a bar! And it had Denny’s menus. There was beer on sale for $1.50 a glass. PBR. I couldn’t figure out what PBR was but Norm figured it out – Pabst Blue Ribbon. The price made beer cheaper that pop. Sigh, I had to have a beer. And grilled chicken. It was nice and no bread or potatoes; grilled veggies and salad (Dr Fretz would have been proud of me).

waffleBut now it’s breakfast. The coffee isn’t too bad with milk in it. I pride myself on being a coffee snot and this isn’t a Pacific dark roast but I’m happy with whatever caffeine is offered. There is the French vanilla cream but the sugar content can’t be good for me. Milk will do. Now, waffles or biscuits and gravy? It’s a holiday so maybe…. more to follow over the next few days.

Thanks for listening.  ;D  Diane

Is It A Lie If You Don’t Get Weighed?

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Liar scale I got to see my doctor today. It’s the day before I leave town for a conference and a road trip. I see my doctor about every two weeks to check on how healthy my blood pressure and weight are. My blood pressure is good and my cholesterol is fantastic. Thank you grape seed oil! But…and there’s always a but isn’t there? I didn’t get weighed. I know I had gained a wee bit since I was there last but I hadn’t weighed myself at home and didn’t want to have a heart attack right there in the doctor’s office while looking at the that t”tap-it” old school scale. So, I told the assistant that I didn’t need to get weighed this time. I told the doctor that I had a bad day or two but some good eater days as well. She gave me that “I’m tolerating you because I know you can do this” look and we talked about my brother’s heart attack. She made a lot of notes about that.

I also told her that Norm and I were going on a little road trip down the coast! It’s off-season all the way down the 101 in Washington and Oregon so off we go. I love the beaches, the sand, the surf, Kmart and no sales tax in Oregon. Sigh. There had better be cheap gas there, too. But I’m going to try NOT to have biscuits and gravy anywhere! I know what good ones taste like and I really don’t need any more.

I’m not lying if I’m not talking. I do want to lose weight and have a very serious goal before my right knee gets replaced and that’s at the end of May. Thank goodness for the Canadian health system – by the time the surgeons are done with me I will be the $2 million woman!!!

But I had better make it worth their while! And for my family and friends, too! I will be walking (I’ve brought my cane) and hope to do wee bit of swimming, too. Mind you that will be in pools because the Northwest Pacific ocean is pretty cold this time of year! We are no Hawaii or Bora Bora.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to post anything while we travel so I’ll leave it up to fate and motel WiFi! Thanks for listening. ;D  Diane


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