Truth Terror

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I am scared crapless to go see the doctor today. My regular doctor, Michelle Fretz, won’t even be there but a locum will be. (Is locum short for loco – humble – replacement – doctor? Hmm – don’t know.) Why am I scared? You can probably guess. The last time I went to the office was three weeks ago and I had gained a crapload (standard measurement, metric is shitload) of weight since having my knee replaced in May. Sigh! And since I saw her last I don’t think I’ve lost a pound or even a gram. Woman on scale

I have a wonderful excuse for the lack of exercise – my physio said “Don’t..” But I have no excuses for eating the way I have been eating. How have I been eating? Evereating! Yes, I’m hungry all the time.

I am in terror of my own actions. I know all the actions I should be taking (yes, I just should on myself). So, why can’t I do them? Terror of what I may become? And what will/can I become? I’ll list a few options so you can see I’ve considered many angles:

Successful, Failure
Skinny, Fatter
Healthy, Ill, invalid (and invalid)
Loved, Unloved
Example, Cautionary tale
Proud, self-deprecating

These are just a few examples of what has gone through my head. But I will admit that writing even these few down have made feel better about bogging down (Notice I didn’t say failing?). I went to a counsellor many years ago and she asked me what kind of advice I would give to someone with my issues. I was full of answers but I couldn’t tell her why I didn’t/couldn’t take my own advice.

Terror of the unknown? Probably. So, what am going to do about it?

Face it, think positively, and just do it!

Thanks for listening.  ;D   Diane

Stuff You Wore In Highschool That Still Fits

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I still have my highschool graduation dress. It was a very long time ago and I would love to wear it again some day. It was a formal with a big slit up the front and matching hot pants! Ever the rebel!

I was never small/slender/normal-sized girl. In 1967 it was Centennial Year in Canada and my mom and a friend had to adjust the Centennial dress pattern to a size 16 bodice for a then 13 year old. Sigh.

But I did have some cool clothes in grades 7-12. My Mom was great and sewed all my mini skirts. The girls would come to my house to roll up their skirts over their Girl Guide belts before we went to school. I was the first in my class to wear nylons, then pantyhose.  But I don’t think I can come close to the sizes I wore then.

So what can I wear that would still fit? Hats. scarves, mitts? Not gloves, I have huge hands now and was average as a teen and who looks at your hands when we’re being nostalgic about what we wore in highschool?

Still fit earringsIt’s true! I wore big, mod earring even back then! In fact Cher and I have something in common – we both have pierced ears and tatoos.

Oh well, back to the diet. It’s not so hard this week, there’s so much fantastic produce out there (including my backyard), it’s hard for me to not eat well.

Thanks for listening.  ;D  Diane

Message From Balloon Woman

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Yep, I put on my brown capris today and they were hard to do up. Sigh. I know/knew I have been eating badly and not taking my recovery into the equation of couch-sitting. This has resulted in eating myself into gained weight.

How I imagine myself, sigh!

How I imagine myself, sigh!

I have a pile of excuses but I am not superwoman.

1) I am not getting much in way of calorie burning exercise. I get in trouble with my amazing physiotherapists for standing too long – more than 15 minutes in each hour – and walking too much. Since when can you walk too much – it turns out when you’re recovering from a knee replacement.
2) I’m depressed. Duh! I’m still in a bit of pain, I can’t go far, too much computer and TV. I mean, really, too much Perry Mason would depress anyone.
3) I’m hungry all the time. I crave cheese and meat. My muscles, tendons and bones are growing back so I believe my body needs these things that’s why it’s craving them, right?

But none of these reasons excuse things like: chocolate bars (Kit Kat Chunky), pizza, chips (Lays contest: PEI Scalloped Potatoes and/or Montreal Smoked Beef) and crackers for the cheese. I’m eating like a teenage boy. And now my clothes are feeling it.

I’m worried about this gain. It’s making me sadder and feeling more disabled. I see my doctor tomorrow and I believe my weight will be way up, my blood pressure will be up and I’ll need more prescription pain meds.

So what am I going to do? I’ve already started my food journal again. I’ve eaten a low calorie – low carb breakfast and am writing my blog. I’ll do my nails and feel more feminine superhero-ish. I’ll sweep the floor and put my leg up right after that activity. I’ll count all my supporters and thank you for the waves of support you send me and wish they melted pounds. I’ve lost a lot of weight and I know I’ll lose this back-slide and more because I can.

So, thanks for listening and get a giggle out of what I found looking for “Balloon Woman” on line. ;D Diane


Eating As We Were Told – Part 1: Veggies

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I remember, as a child, my Mom would serve us supper on full-sized dinner plates. (Do you call the evening meal dinner or supper? I’ve always wondered but..never mind it’s not important right now.) We were supposed to eat everything put in front of us. I remember there being dessert, too. It was the goal of the meal. Healthy meal training, right? If we didn’t eat everything on our plate we got punished, no dessert and having to sit there until it was gone which sometimes was hours. But, let’s be real, there are some foods we don’t like. I’ve read that some tastes are genetic and some are experiential. Even before we’re born, we swallow a lot of amniotic fluid and it has different tastes depending on what our mothers are eating. We get our first taste buds at 8 weeks of gestation. I read it in a great article online called: How Food Preferences Develop. I wonder what my Mom ate while she was pregnant with me.“>http://

My Mom served all the “healthy” veggies in the style of the time, which was usually boiled. Spinach was a slimy, but buttered and salted, pile of bitterness. It looked like the stuff that Popeye popped out of the tin and ate to beat the bad guy. It was very bitter to me. Mom also served peas, carrots, beets, green and wax beans, cauliflower, broccoli and brussels sprouts. My sister didn’t like peas and would hide them under the lip of her plate until her plate was clean. We never ratted on her because she was the baby at the time and knew all the naughty things we did. I love carrots, beets, peas and beans but the rest are icky to me. I don’t mind the stems of broccoli but the trees taste gross to me. I used to think it was because of the way the veggies were cooked but, as Mom started steaming them; serving them raw with dip and making them into salads; I still didn’t like the taste.

veg-03Then came the cilantro. With all the wonderful ethnic foods entering the scene I looked forward to new, very healthy, foods. But, cilantro destroyed a lot of it for me. Imagine a stir-fry with broccoli, shredded brussels sprouts, cauliflower seasoned with wonderful spices and cilantro. I couldn’t eat it. A tiny bit of cilantro in my salsa, OK, but any more than that I can’t handle it. And I can’t handle licorice much either but I love Thai food and it’s so healthy for me but Thai basil knocks me right off. I wondered what the hell was wrong with me but it turns out that I wasn’t the only one.

I now know some of it is in our genes. I thought I was just being anti-social about the cilantro thing but it turns out I have that gene. My kids call it a genetic disorder – Ha! The on-line article from The Salt, explained a lot of it for me.  Love To Hate Cilantro? It’s In Your Genes And, Maybe In Your Head.

So, I’m trying to eat as I’m told. Lots of veggies, low fat, low salt and barely cook them to keep in all the goodness. I can handle some of the stuff like a little spinach now – in a salad with bacon dressing? As I said, I like stems of broccoli and they are spectacular peeled and thrown into the stir-fry. My family isn’t fond of them so they eat the trees and I get the stems. Sorry, not much cauliflower in my house except for the veggie plate and I allow others to have them all.

That’s all I have to say about veggies today. Enjoy a massive salad and have a big plate, dinner plate, of veggies and home-made salsa (where I get to not add cilantro but I like cumin, go figure). Be healthy!

Thanks for listening. ;D  Diane

PS We eat off the luncheon plates now and can go back for more if we want. It works.

Single Serving Packs – A LIE!!!!! Part 2

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I recently wrote about the lie of single serving packages of foods. Wow, I sure pushed some major buttons. GOOD! But it started out with a comic I saw in the Times-Colonist on July 28, 2015. All things are relative and anyone who has ever had to diet for any reason knows this is true.

T-C 28-07-2015

Times-Colonist 28 July 2015

Who decides serving size? I have a wonderful paperback book with all kinds of counts in it. It has raw foods, cooked meals, commercially packaged foods and fast foods. It tells you sodium, fat, calories, carbohydrates and fiber in a designated amount. But the serving size given is the scientific amount tested for the counts or what a restaurant serves. I almost never use this book myself, in fact, it’s in the library at work and I don’t go back there until the end of August. serving sizes

I grew up in a calorie-counting household and can tell you almost all the calorie counts for fruits, breads and veggies. Sigh, it didn’t help my own weight loss. But my mom, Marg Carey, was the T.O.P.S. Queen for the Ottawa region back in the ’60s. I will never win any weight loss prizes. My brother, Dave is losing weight like crazy but he has cut out all snacks. He makes everything fresh and nothing comes in packages especially in single serving “packs”. Me? I do well for a while then I give in to the crave monster and a 250g package of Bugles turns into a single serving.

In a previous blog post, Eating Healthy Munchies!, I discussed a way I deal with making my own single servings and it involves these little, green, plastic bowls we have. They’re perfect for small servings of grapes, chips, cherries, baby carrots, salami etc. But, and here I confess to get it off my chest and butt; sometimes I eat more than a single serving. Sorry.

Enough said and I’m done. Time for a breakfast serving of eggs for me – two, if you were wondering. Thanks for listening. ;D  Diane

My idea of a single serving!

Single Serving Packs – A LIE!!!!!

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Do you really need "6"?

Do you really need “6”?

Have you noticed all single serving packs of snack foods?

Be very, very careful. They say they have a certain amount of calories or protein etc. But…they are designed to make you take a whole pack when all you want/need is that one bit for the taste satisfaction that crave monsters are after.


Singles! By the way, the Tapaz 2 Go Humus is really good! Snack on the plane.

I’m also really ticked off at all the extra packaging and garbage generated by this “buy more because it costs more to package this way”. You also get less product overall. Sigh. I have a cupboard full of Tupperware that I can parcel my own “servings”  of snacks. Sure they’re very convenient but this idea that 6 cookies is a healthy portion is silly. A small bag of chips in your lunch is still a place where chips shouldn’t be. Right?

Because of all the single serving packs we (the universal “we” of general humanity in North America) are spending more (singles packs are more expensive per ounce), creating more garbage, and not thinking about quantity and quality of what we are eating or worse – giving our kids to eat.

My personal Gargoyles lunch kit

My personal Gargoyles lunch kit

It’s not just packaged, it’s processed – oh, so processed so it will last longer on the shelf or in your cupboard. Yuk. I have a Seal-a-Meal for buying meat in bulk and portioning up and saving a bundle. And if/when I make cookies, banana bread etc. I can seal them in a single serving pouch and put them in the freezer; so from the freezer to the lunch box. Any lunch box, backpack or pocket. This way you get to choose what kind of snack or food you are putting into you! What and how much do you want to feed your family? Should Uncle Ben, Mr Christie, or Kellogg’s be deciding that for you? I know it’s easier but who are you buying groceries for – them or you? YOU! Take the responsibility for your own choices.

I started  thinking about writing this blog post about bad snacking but got onto a rant and I think it’s a good rant. So I’ll save the other post for another day. Be on the look out for “Single Serving Packs – A LIE!!!!! Part 2”.

Thanks for listening. Eat only the one cookie you really want then go brush the Oreo off your teeth and be done with it.  ;D  Diane

Saturday Confessions – Sinful or Sincere?

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Good reason not to diet!

Good reason not to diet!

It has been a really bad dieting week.

I feel like crap – physically and emotionally. My knee hurts, my tummy hurts and I refuse to talk to the scale!

“Listen to your body.” We’ve all heard that. Well, what the hell is it telling you me?

Is it telling me, “You’re an old, compulsive, emotional eater who just had her third joint replacement in 18 months.”?


Is it telling me, “If you’re in pain, take the pain away.”?

I’ve been doing that in many ways: painkillers, chips, ice cream, sleep, watching TV, not doing physio exercises (they hurt, a lot).

So, am just piling on excuses. My nephew, the fitness guru, Michael, also known as Captain Carey, would tell me to tough it out. No pain, no gain! Well, I think I did gain – weight.

I haven’t journalled any food, emotions or activities in 2 1/2 weeks. I guess know that will make a difference. My daughter, Leanne, saw a nutritionist recently who told her she’s normal, not obese; then helped her set up a completely balanced eating plan which will fill a 1200 calories daily allowance with so much food , she will never be hungry. The only things she has to do is follow her own plan and write down calories. Sigh. It’s working for her. I knew it would. It works for me – when I do it. But it’s work and I don’t feel like working right now.

Okay, okay, I know I need to do this and stop feeling sorry for myself. I CAN do this. Pull out the journal and all the physio pages and just do it. Physio exercises are “activities”. Eating fruit, veggies and protein will make me feel better. The revolving self-abuse wheel is the junk food and sitting around. I’m actually allowed to sit around but only 45 minutes of each hour. That means I have to be active 15 minutes of each hour.

That all doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Okay I’m off to have my cottage cheese breakfast with peppers and herbs! Mmmm – it’s actually pretty good and very filling. Then I can do my “clam shells” and “backwards stair lunges”. Thanks for listening. ;D  Diane

Clam Shell Video


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