Do You Eat Less When You’re Working?

•January 24, 2015 • 1 Comment

I thought going back to work would help me get back onto a regular eating plan and help with my weight loss diet. Ha, I tell you…HA! Last Monday was my first day back and someone had brought treats and was offering them first thing in the morning. Sigh! I had brought carb and calorie approved soups for lunch and Angie made Mexican lasagna. She specifically asked me to try it. So, to please her (and myself) I had a small piece and some salad, and we know that anything eaten with salad has less calories, right?

But it didn’t stop there. There was cake. BIRTHDAY CAKE! You can’t turn down birthday cake or the birthday person will feel bad, right? Sigh, I know I’m making it up but I did have a small piece to celebrate Caroline’s birthday, and it was very, very nice.

Walking orange

I did get lots of hugs and lots of exercise. My classroom is at the end of the hall from my office, the staff room and halfway past the kitchen. So back and forth all day. I wasn’t wearing my pedometer so I have no idea how many steps I did but it was good and I was exhausted that first night. I had survived and knew I could handle work with very little problem. I also could see how there would be no ever-eating. I do not like eating while working or in front of students. It’s rude if it’s not lunch or…

Reflecting on the week that just went by, I see three ways I could lose weight:  1) stick to the plan, 2) wear my pedometer and 3) journal everything I eat. Work will help me lose weight. By telling you all this I will be on track again and eventually see great results, again. I can do this, again.

Thanks for listening.  ;D Diane

Seafood Lasagna For Breakfast And I Don’t Feel Guilty!

•January 12, 2015 • 1 Comment
Not gulity puppy

My not guilt puppy!

Yes, I just had seafood lasagna for breakfast. It was glorious. It did defy the “white food diet” rules, though. The pasta was white, the sauce was white, in fact, most of the seafood was white, too. It had scallops, lobster and shrimp(pink). I had spent an hour trying to decide what I was hungry for and I know if I don’t eat something I really want I’ll go eat a bunch of other things and go back and eat what I wanted in the first place. So I had a small piece of leftover seafood lasagna. The guilt is off because I’m telling you and I wrote it in my food journal. It had about 350 calories. So now I will be very careful with the rest of my day’s calories.

Yes, I go back and forth between diet styles as it suits me. One of the reason a lot of diets fail is that they make the dieter feel very restricted, deprived and eventually rebellious. I don’t think Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig would approve of lasagna for breakfast but both of those programs say you do have to eat a bit of your favourite foods so you don’t feel deprived. It was all about the portion size and knowing what I would do with it. I ate it and wrote it down. In my food journal there’s a space for what you’re feeling as you eat. I felt luxurious. It’s not a traditional emotion but it made me feel very good. I think I feel a little righteous, too, because this way I’m not wasting food. I did the weekly clean the expired stuff from the fridge scan and leftovers are now helping break things down in the septic. Sigh. I hate wasting food.

chicken saladNow that I’ve written a blog entry, eaten, done the dishes, I am going for a walk so my righteousness and good feeling continue. How does a huge salad with chicken sound for supper? Sounds good to me.

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane


Receiving The Post Holiday Look Of Shame

•January 9, 2015 • 3 Comments

I saw my doctor Wednesday and she gave me the “post holiday look of shame”. I had gained weight. She didn’t say anything except it had affected my blood pressure which would look a lot better if I lost some holiday weight. My blood pressure has been fantastic for a couple of years so I was shocked but also ashamed. I’ve been using my post surgery lying-about and the holiday season as excuses for eating more and exercising less. Sure, there are candies, cookies, nuts and ? still on the coffee table almost within arm’s reach and my knee is killing me now that the old pain from my shoulder is gone. These do not mean I should eat and not walk. Yes, I am shoulding on myself. I think I deserve it.

Times Colonist Nov. 13, 2014

Times Colonist Nov. 13, 2014

A Facebook Friend posted that she was worried about her husband with “border-line diabetes that only need 2 pills a day” and was getting a 22 reading. She wondered what she/we could do help him understand how important it was to control his diabetes. And, it is diabetes if you have to take pills to keep your blood sugar levels down. I know, I lied to myself (and my family) for a few years, too. I made a couple of comments and she thanked me and I felt so glad that I had taken that advice myself before I gave it to someone else.

So, I’m back to my food journal, my no white food diet, and being honest with myself and all of you. I don’t need any shame. I’m a normal (in a dysfunctional world), strong (emotionally), smart (in a Jeopardy kind of way) woman and I will do this.

Thanks for listing. ;D  Diane


A Re-run Instead of a New Resolution List

•January 4, 2015 • Leave a Comment

ProcrastinationEnough procrastination. This is a list I posted in 2012 in a Blog called Dear Dear Doctor. It worked then but I have not kept most of these up. They are common sense (which is not so common, I’ve found) actions that I CAN follow. So here they are again, and I’m following them as of 8AM this morning when I stepped on our scale for my first post-holiday season weigh-in. More on that later.

  • Make a list of things I CAN and WILL do
  • Eat healthy
  • Do what my health pros say! (Thanks Dr. Fretz!)
  • I will exercise everyday – as I am able and allowed
  • Look at myself realistically
  • Thank my friends and family daily
  • Shop healthy (buy only treats I won’t eat!)
  • Not deprive myself
  • Drink all my water
  • Pay attention to what my body is telling me
  • Continue to add to this list

Why do I need to keep re-booting myself? Is it so easy to go off the plan? Hell yes! I slide off the plan(s) with great ease when occasions, foods, temptations and pain keep me from doing what I should. I need to go back to not shoulding but doing.

I have new electronic scale and what it told me this morning nearly made me cry. I haven’t weighed myself (on purpose) for over two weeks. I think I thought if I didn’t weigh myself I wouldn’t gain weight. Silly, eh? Well I did. I knew I had been buying, making and eating a lot of heavy calorie foods but did it anyways. I knew I wasn’t exercising enough, either. Sigh, it is common sense that if you take in more calories than you are burning you WILL gain weight. I did. It’s not a huge gain but enough that I have to re-do a milestone. Another deep sigh!

Here I sit, drinking my coffee, writing my future and feeling a wee bit better than I did when I started this. So, thanks for listening and I’ll get back to you, soon.  ;D Diane

Take control


Contemplating New Year’s Resolutions

•December 30, 2014 • Leave a Comment

Happy New years

So, since I’ve started so many books, and one of my goals in life is to have a fictional/poetry book I wrote published (not counting the Intro to Macintosh and Intro to Microsoft Works manuals from my earlier career) before I die. I thought this little banner was nice for all of us.

In the past I have not been successful in carrying out my resolutions for more than a month and last year I made NO resolutions and worked out well for me. Why mess with success? So bless every one of you, your families, friends and lives. may 2015 meet and beat all your expectations and offer you more success and happiness than you could ever dream of….

Thanks so much for listening to me over the years and for your support of my battle with weight, pain and writing my blog.  ;D  Diane

New yera resolutions

The Christmas Eve Toast! And It’s Not The Kind You Eat!

•December 24, 2014 • Leave a Comment

Merry Everything to everyone near and far! May your holidays be decorated with much enjoyment and
your hearts filled with love, laughter and magic!

Christmas Ferret

Okay, now for the real bread and butter. Yep, it’s the time for real butter, bacon and Christmas oranges. Have fun and enjoy all things (food and alcohol) in moderation and as much love and giving as you can handle! May your gravy be lump free and there be no allergies to your steamed pudding with brandy sauce! Enjoy a third cup of coffee with Bailey’s but don’t drive.

Peace be with you all and thanks for listening. ;D  Diane

Talk to food!


Can We Enjoy Holiday Goodies?

•December 10, 2014 • Leave a Comment

Every year I think about all the goodies I will make or buy for the Christmas season. I have been known to make: cookies (short’n bread, shortbread and sometimes gingerbread), tarts (butter tarts, mincemeat tarts, and sometimes tourtiere), peanut butter brownies, Nanaimo bars, cheese balls (great for gifts, too), smoked salmon cream cheese, and I’ve even been known to steam a couple of puddings, too.  Santa DiabetesThere is a big problem with all this holiday goodness – it comes with weight badness.

Norm loves chocolates at Christmas and will go through boxes of them. They lure me closer and closer, how much damage can one little piece of chocolate? It’s a gateway treat!!! This year I have some mincemeat tarts, store-bought shortbread (thanks, Leanne) and little gingerbread boys on a plate in the living room. It’s on the coffee table and that’s quite a ways away from where I sit. So, my laziness works well for me. There’s also a bowl of mixed nuts along with a cracker and shell bowl. I did have a big, opened tin of Belgian, chocolate-covered cookies, too, but they were too consumable. They are now back in the dining room with the lid on. Sigh. I’ve bought pounds of cheese for cheese balls but I haven’t been able to shred the cheddar (say it out loud, it sounds like a euphemism for something else). My shoulder can’t take it and I haven’t tried to find the shredder blade for the food processor – yet. More sighs….

I’m getting into a wee bit of a Bah Humbug Funk. I’ve finished shopping for gifts, picked up the Cook’s (cheap) champagne for the Christmas mimosas, bought the Irish cream for the coffee. I’m told it’s good stuff and I don’t like it, so I’ll be fairly sober to make stuffing!!! But I keep feeling I’m forgetting something.

I can handle a little bit of guilt!

I can handle a little bit of guilt!

I can handle this. I’ll try to enjoy the Christmas goodies in measured, recorded and guilt-loaded amounts. Yes, we can enjoy holiday goodies but we have to look past the goodies to what is really giving us enjoyment. It’s usually the company we’re keeping that truly makes it good. It’s also guilt-free!

Thanks for listening. ;D  Diane


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